Newsletter Opens Peaked During DNC, GOP Conventions: Study

Political newsletters enjoyed open-rate spikes during the political conventions in August, according to a study by LiveIntent.  

The highest dates were August 17, August 24 and August 25.  

August 17th was the first night of the Democratic National Convention, and August 24-25 were the first two nights of the GOP events.  

In general, political newsletters experience open-rate spikes on Mondays and Tuesday during an election season. 

Earlier this year, LiveIntent determined that hard news newsletters were seeing a 23% increase in engagement and a 20% increase in ad CTRs.

“Major news cycles correlate to increased newsletter engagement,” states Kerel Cooper, SVP global marketing at LiveIntent. 

This is largely driven by the fact that readers “have a direct relationship with the publisher they trust, especially in an era of fake news proliferating in walled gardens and the web,” Cooper notes. 

In turn, this helps publishers who can “leverage the logged-in inventory (like Facebook and Google) of the email channel, creating campaigns for brands that are targetable, measurable and incremental, and that are owned by the Publisher, not the walled gardens,” Cooper says.



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