Bloomberg Media, 'Ebony' Team Up For Multiplatform Content To Promote Equality

Bloomberg Media and Ebony have formed a partnership to explore inequities facing the Black community, and highlight Black entrepreneurs and innovators shaping culture. 

The partnership combines Ebony’s 75 years as a voice on Black culture and Bloomberg Equality’s data-driven effort to determine how global business leaders are confronting both gender and race. 

The Ebony x Bloomberg Equality partnership will include original streaming video and content delivered via television and social media. 

Ebony is featuring an Ebony x Bloomberg Equality module on its homepage. This links to a dedicated page with news articles and video content like Bloomberg Quicktake’s “Then This Happened” and “The Pay Check.”  



In addition, Ebony and Bloomberg Equality will cross-promote content on social media, and in an email newsletter that will be sent every Thursday: The Inside Ebony and the Bloomberg Equality newsletter. 

Also, a special four-episode installment of the Bloomberg Quicktake video series "Made" will spotlight the work of visionary Black artists, designers and creators, chosen in collaboration with Ebony.

In November, Bloomberg Television will produce a one-hour special on the return of the annual EBONY Power 100.

“For Ebony, partnerships like these are key to our continued growth and expansion and allow us to respond to the needs of today’s Black America in a more comprehensive way,” states Michele Ghee, CEO of Ebony.

Ghee adds that this is important “as we look at the conversations prevalent in the current landscape around equity, Black ownership and entrepreneurship, Black wealth and the concept of not only having a seat at the table, but building our own table.” 

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