Movable Ink Hits $100 Million Revenue Mark

Personalization platform Movable Ink has reached the $100 million mark in annual recurring revenue, the company said on Tuesday. 

In addition, Movable Ink has increased its headcount to over 500 employees worldwide, adding over 300 in the last year.  

“The Martech5000 lists more than 8,000 martech solutions, but strikingly, only a few dozen have surpassed the $100 million revenue mark,” says Vivek Sharma, CEO and co-founder of Movable Ink. 

Driving that growth is the fact that companies are struggling to communicate with their customers despite sizable investments in data. 

In February, Movable Ink acquired Coherent Path, an AI-powered content engine that helps brands serve personalized content via numerous customer touchpoints. This move added 50 employees.  

The firm has also expanded into Munich with a facility that supports Germany, Austria and Switzerland. And it has made prior launches into the Nordics and Benelux. 

Meanwhile, the Movable Ink Exchange has grown to include more than 60 solutions partners. In addition, the firm will again stage its Annual Think Summit on June 8-9 at The Glasshouse in NYC. 

Sharma notes that consumers expect personalized experiences in exchange for their loyalty.


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