Direct Marketing Club Of New York Rebrands As Marketing Club Of New York

The venerable Direct Marketing Club of New York is changing its name to the Marketing Club of New York. 

The group had been known by the prior name for four decades, but felt it was time for a change. 

“All the attributes that have traditionally made direct marketing powerful – data, accountability, measurability – really apply, or should apply, to all marketing today,” says 2022/23 President Alicia Wiedemann, partner and head of client strategy for Summer Friday. 

Wiedemann adds: “Brands demand it and during the past several years – particularly in this digital age – we see performance metrics governing the work of all marketing practitioners.”

Along with the name change, the group chose a new logo submitted in competition by a team from Pace University-Lubin Business School in New York. It will soon be rolled out on the Club website and in social media.



Direct marketing was the term coined in 1967 by Lester Wunderman to denote the multimedia phenomenon that far transcended direct mail. The name was eventually adopted by the trade association, which had been known as the Direct Mail Advertising Association, and at least one publication.

The winning logo team consisted of Revati Aloni (areas of study: social media/mobile marketing), Ruhani Dalal (marketing analytics), Riti Seth (marketing analytics) and Saloni Waradkar( social media/mobile marketing)--was chosen from among submissions. 

Marketing Club of New York is a nonprofit that provides education, networking and idea exchange for professionals in the field. Prior to being called Direct Marketing Club of New York, it was known as the  the One Hundred Million Club, reflecting the volume of mail its members used to deliver to the USPS.

In a recent letter to members, Wiedemann observed that New York City is “a global hub for marketing. Today, that encompasses data and direct marketing, digital marketing, adtech, martech, agencies, brands and publishers, and innovation finance.”


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