Tackle This: LA Rams Score 19 New Marketing Deals For Upcoming Season

Since winning the Super Bowl in February of this year, the NFL's Los Angeles Rams has added 19 new major sponsors.

Joining the team this year are Walt Disney, Hyundai Motors, Hilton Hotels, Warner Bros., Draft Kings, and Little Caesars, among others.

This adds to a list of existing major sponsors including SoFi, Albertsons, American Airlines, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Constellation Brands, Google, Microsoft, Pechanga Resort & Casino, PepsiCo, Samsung, Toyota, and Verizon.

And Rams executives say this is just a partial list.

Jennifer Prince, chief commercial officer of the Los Angeles Rams, who was hired last November from Twitter, says the average deal price in the “seven figures."

Prince says the partnerships now are more holistic. For example, she says: “We provide metrics and measure in a custom dashboard that other teams are not providing. We are trying to be as transparent as possible.” This might also include access to special social media, radio, pre-season opportunities for marketers."



Selling itself as a long-term contender, the Rams can tell marketers of its quality play --  appearing in the Super Bowl the last two of three years, all this coming in the second biggest U.S. market.

In addition, the team has created a new director of media and entertainment sales position headed up by Michelle Gable to pitch deals with movie, TV, streaming and gaming marketers. This ties in with the Los Angeles-based football team, in a market known for its high-profile entertainment businesses.

"It’s pretty unique for any NFL team,” says Prince of the sales position addition, “if not to other sports teams... We can create these immersive experiences that are filled with entertainment when we bring fans into the building."

Prince says this could include all its state-of-the-art video screens -- as well as the stadium's very large roof top video screen. “For us to play a movie trailer-- during half time, pre-game -- it’s extremely meaningful,” she says.

For movie studios, new deals could include working with film cast members, sharing IP with fans, and possibly screening movies. “We like to put our partners center stage.”

Prince says a significant consideration comes from the team connection to its new tech-savvy SoFi Stadium in Inglewood where the Rams have only played in for one season so far -- as well as accomplishing a rare feat of winning the Super Bowl in its home venue.

Going forward, Prince says, new areas of Hollywood Park surrounding the stadium can also be developed for marketers.

Currently there is American Airlines Plaza, where there are a number of marketing activations for fans to engaged with on their way to their seats at the stadium. There is also a YouTube Theater for other opportunities. This year it is working up a significant pre-game reception place for marketers called The House. “We are creating more assets," Prince says.

The Rams are also looking for more TV programming branded connections for marketing efforts.

Back in 2021, the team launched “Draft House” sponsored by Rocket Mortgage, a high-profile house in Malibu used as a base for the team's college draft operations, as well as a place to entertain team sponsors.

Earlier this 2022 -- after the Super Bowl -- it went further, co-branding with Netflix reality real-estate show “Selling Sunset,” a new Draft House in the Hollywood Hills. Rocket Mortgage continues as the title sponsor.

The team became the first NFL team to partner with blockchain-based and digital asset product creator Dapper Labs for Super Bowl ring NFTs, in order to extend the Rams brand for “reaching young audiences, who are spending money and investing.”

The team is also participating with the NFL in extending its brand through the league's International Home Marketing Areas program where the league grants clubs access to international territories for marketing, fan engagement and commercialization.

This could include promotional watch parties, interaction with players, and sale of merchandise. The Rams are an official NFL team in Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and China.

Super Bowl benefits are growing thanks to consumers -- even before the season starts: Pre-season merchandise sales are up 100%.

The competitive action for the team's first game this season starts up on September 8th -- on “Thursday Night Football” in prime time -- with the Rams hosting strong Super Bowl contender Buffalo Bills.

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