Latest Google Cloud Alliance Bolsters Omnicom's Image Creating Capabilities

Imagen Demonstration. Source: Google

Omnicom Group today announced a strategic collaboration with Google Cloud that offers what the companies called “unique access” to Google’s Vertex AI platform. The announcement was made at Cannes on Tuesday during the Lions Festival.  

This platform includes foundation models such as PaLM 2 and Imagen which can be deployed in the fields of creativity, summarization of knowledge, discoverability, and automation.  



PaLM 2 is an artificial intelligence-driven language model with improved multilingual, reasoning, and coding capabilities that Google unveiled last month. Imagen, also unveiled in May, is an AI-based model that can create highly realistic looking images via text commands.   

The models will be integrated into Omnicom’s operating system, Omni, enabling agency and client teams to accelerate the content development process for marketing campaigns.  

According to the companies, once deployed within Omni, Google Cloud Imagen will enable more than 17,000 holding company users to leverage Omni audience intelligence and campaign workflow to create customized images in minutes, define, activate, and measure the impact. 

“We’re thrilled to have another first-mover advantage with Google Cloud’s foundation models and to continue strengthening the use of Generative AI within Omnicom,” said Jonathan Nelson, CEO,  Omnicom Digital. “By creating Omni as an open operating system, we’re able to quickly integrate these innovative models and mobilize them to thousands of Omnicom employees that use Omni. We’re especially excited to see how Imagen will unlock greater inspiration for our people and elevate the ideas created for clients.” 

“At Google Cloud we are committed to bringing the power of our transformational foundation models to people with all levels of technical experience so that everyone has an opportunity to innovate in entirely new ways," said June Yang, Vice President of Cloud AI and Industry Solutions at Google Cloud.   


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