Apple Looks To Turn Its TV App Into An All-Purpose Streaming Hub

Apple plans to unveil a revamped TV app where users will go to find and manage its own streaming content and other content, according to Bloomberg sources.

The app will consolidate the Apple TV+ streaming service and its currently standalone movie and TV show purchasing options, including movie and TV show sections from the iTunes Store app on Apple devices, acting as a hub where users find content, channel subscription options, buying and renting functions, and more.

The hub should also help make it clearer which content is from Apple and available through the Apple TV+ subscription, and which requires a separate paid subscription.

The revamped app could debut as soon as December, via a tvOS update, on the Apple TV box, Apple’s other platforms and the other TV operating systems on which the Apple TV app is available.



Apple, which has not commented on the report, is expected to integrate the streaming hub into its soon-to-launch Vision Pro headset.

While Apple might be uniquely positioned to pull off the first successful universal streaming guide, it will still face the obstacles that all players have encountered in trying to do the same, including third-party content providers’ reluctance to make their content and data available outside of their own apps, notes The Verge.

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