Ski Resort Campaigns Kick Into High Gear

With the arrival of ski season, ski resorts and regions are gearing up their tourism efforts.  

This month Sun Valley and Snowbasin, two well-known resorts, and Visit Utah are launching their winter marketing campaigns. Independent ad agency Hanson Dodge led the work for the three campaigns.  

Key to these efforts are new and improved websites, which are the main sources of information and the primary drivers of destination bookings.  



Sun Valley and Snowbasin now feature home pages that virtually invite visitors to feel and experience the snow and the wide open, fresh outdoor settings of each resort.  They are designed to be simpler and easier to navigate, with planning pages specially designed for different types of travelers, families, adventurers and mountain experience lovers.  They also offer a more comprehensive showcase of resort offerings.  

For Visit Utah, the winter campaign landing page creates a personalized experience, including background visuals which change in accordance with the visitor’s interests.  There’s also an animated “snow tracker” showing the amount of snow that has already fallen this season.  Last year, for example, Utah experienced a record-breaking winter snowfall of 903”.  As the site declares, “Some call it magic.  We call it winter.” The site continues to position Utah as having “The Greatest Snow On Earth.” 

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