Group Combating Antisemitism To Air Super Bowl Ad


 From FCAS "Tony" ad


Robert Kraft’s Foundation to Combat Antisemitism (FCAS) is airing a 30-ad in this year’s Super Bowl, the organization has confirmed. 



The ad is part of the group’s “Stand Up To Jewish Hate” campaign which was launched last year with $25 million in backing from Kraft.  

FCAS noted that acts of antisemitism continue to rise in the U.S. In the last three months of 2023 there were 3,291 reported incidents of antisemitism, up nearly 400% from the same period a year earlier.  

That said, many outside the Jewish community still don’t understand the scale of Jewish hate, according to FCAS, which cites a December 2023 Harvard Harris poll that found 35% of Americans ages 18-34 do not believe antisemitism is a growing issue in the United States.  

The group notes other alarming statistics: in the past three months, global Google searches for the phrase “Kill Jews” have increased by 1,800%. Additionally, searches for “Hitler was right” increased by 122%.  

Also, FCAS tracked 183 million posts related to antisemitism and Jewish culture in 2023, a 330% increase from 2022.  

The Super Bowl spot will be a new ad in the campaign. Details about the ad, the agency behind it and the quarter it will air will be forthcoming, a rep for the organization said. Kraft is quoted in the release announcing the ad saying that it will “showcase examples of how people can #StandUptoJewishHate and inspire more people to join the fight against all hate.” 

Last year FCAS worked with Wunderman Thompson, Mindshare, Weber Shandwick and influencer shop Noun. 

Here’s a sampling from last year’s work.  

  • The Blue Square” – the introduction of (Blue Square) from Robert Kraft’s Foundation to Combat Antisemitism 

  • Tony” – inspired by the fact nearly 70% of Jewish Americans faced antisemitic hate online last year 

  • Son” – inspired by the fact “Hitler was right” was posted over 70,000 times last year 

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