Report: Digital Natives Aren't Digitally Exclusive

VML is out with some new research on Gen Alphas (6-to-16-year-olds) that finds that this digital native cohort also embraces a healthy share of off-line experiences. 

Take shopping for example. Almost as many Gen Alphas in VML’s research enjoy in-store shopping (78%) as they do online shopping (80%).  



And their favorite downtime activity? Seventy-five percent cited watching TV followed by watching YouTube (70%) and playing on a phone or tablet (66%). 

Conclusion? Brands should not underestimate the power of what VML calls a “unified omni-channel experience” when it comes to marketing to consumers.  

“There is no one-size-fits-all approach for Generation Alpha,” says Debbie Ellison, Global Chief Digital Officer, Commerce at VML. “Often the tendency is to think of this age group as an entirely screen-bound demographic. But in many ways, as with their enjoyment of in-store shopping, they are quite traditional,” adds Ellison. “To that end, an omni-channel strategy that effectively marries brick and mortar outlets and in-store experiences with online and emerging channels will be essential if brands hope to meet these customers where they are.” 

The full report can be accessed here


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