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Barilla, Marie Kondo Aim To Spark Joy With Global Recycling Day Initiative

Marie Kondo may be better known for convincing people to get rid of anything that doesn't’ “spark joy” with her book and Netflix series, but in a  Global Recycling Day initiative with Barilla, she’s interested in getting folks not to simply toss their pasta boxes in the recycling bin.

Instead, Kondo shares tips for how to reuse the boxes to store and ship clothing items — for which her trademark folding hacks come in handy. In a “Secondhand Box” tutorial, Kondo provides folding tips for making the most of reused pasta boxes of various sizes to ship clothes, allowing consumers to reuse the boxes in a practical way.

In a statement, Kondo said she’s “seen the transformative power of tidying in homes worldwide,” and considers the project a way to “extend that influence to the way we package and send our items,” adding, “Folding clothes to fit into empty pasta boxes is not just a practical solution; it's a conscious choice towards a circular system.”



Barilla positions this effort as part of a more comprehensive commitment to environmental sustainability. The privately owned pasta company claims that 99% of its packaging is designed for recycling, and that over 99% of the paper and cardboard it uses is sourced from responsibly managed forests.

According to Barilla, the focus of the World Recycling Day campaign grew out of increased consumer awareness of the environmental impact of the fashion industry, including the impact of transportation and packaging -- with the fashion industry projected to contribute 6 billion tons of carbon emissions by 2030, according to a 2022 Lifegate analysis.

“At Barilla, we are dedicated to advancing sustainability across our operations,” Barilla Chief Category Marketing Officer Ilaria Lodigiani said in a statement, calling the collaboration with Kondo “a testament’ to such “ongoing efforts.”

“By repurposing pasta boxes, we align with our broader commitment to reducing packaging waste and promoting eco-friendly practices,”  Lodigiani added, while, in collaboration with Kondo, “empowering consumers to make a meaningful impact on the environment while enjoying their favorite pasta, giving the pasta box a second life."

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