Etsy Predicts: Western 2.0, Garden Girls, All-Out After Parties

Source: Dandelie on Etsy

Etsy sellers aren’t just keeping up with fashion, lifestyle and food trends. Increasingly, the more than seven million sellers on the platform are setting them, too.

To prove it, the Brooklyn-based company just released its first-ever trend guide for the spring and summer season, and it’s as ambitious as Etsy’s annual holiday forecast.

Based on data from 92 million buyers, the list plumbs its search data for homes, styles, gifts, and weddings. The guide offers a closer look at the influences of pop culture and the aesthetic vibes likely to steer people’s purchases in the coming months.

“Our vibrant creator community shapes trends before they hit the mass market,” writes Dayna Isom Johnson, Etsy’s trend expert, in the report. “With the freedom to experiment, innovate, and adapt in real-time, our sellers craft and curate fresh designs to stay ahead of the cultural curve through their unique and often one-of-a-kind finds.”



Among the nine trends, she says America will see more of:

*Western 2.0  Beyonce isn’t the only one taking the country in a new direction. As country music gets more mainstream, the post-cowboy Western look has become “rugged-yet-chic.” That means additional glam like boots with metallic accents, turquoise-studded accessories, and durable, distressed leather and denim furniture. Classics are hanging on too, with a 77% jump in searches for cowboy hats and a 428% rise in interest for horseshoe charms.

*Garden Girl  Okay, Johnson admits flowers in springtime are pretty obvious. But she notes a 150% year-over-year jump in searches for birth flower jewelry, bedding that mimics the folds of flowers, and botanical motifs in tea sets.

*All-Out After Parties  Wedding trends are a given, but this year, Etsy nuptial sellers are seeing a surge in searches for items that will make the newlyweds’ after-party as much fun as the day. That means dancing slippers so guests can kick off high heels, disco balls, signature cocktails, wedding mini dresses – and a 134% increase in wedding sunglasses.

*Creative Couple Portraits  So long, Instagram-inspired photographs. Couples are looking for more artistic representations, designing themselves into playing cards (with searches up 141%) on custom plates (up 15%) and blankets embellished with monograms, birth signs, and travel history (up 26%).

*Chef’s Kiss  Is it “The Bear?” (“Yes, Chef!”) “Bake Squad?” “Top Chef?” Who knows, but TV has sparked a demand for more personality in the kitchen, shaping food, décor and even wardrobes. Johnson predicts a surge in all kinds of foodie-inspired art. Martini-mania has much to do with it, sparking a 10% jump in searches for jewelry that looks like olives, a 981% increase in martini-themed sweaters, and a 1,454% jump in espresso martini candles.

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