Personifi Adds Semantic Layer To Ad Management Platform

  • September 17, 2008
Personifi has launched the latest version of its ad management and audience targeting platform, complete with a new application called Audience Manager.

Audience Manager allows both online publishers and ad networks to create their own contextual and behaviorally-targeted audience segments to meet the needs of individual advertising campaigns. The tool is powered by semantic technology, which pairs ads and segments with the content on a Web page based on its meaning.

The tool also allows users to rank keywords positively or negatively to better narrow down targets and keep ads from running against inappropriate content.

"The sophistication of our semantic engine, plus the increased flexibility offered through our new Audience Manager platform, enables custom contextual and behavioral segments to be defined, categorized and targeted," said Frost Prioleau, general manager of New York-based Personifi, a division of Collective Media. --Tameka Kee

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