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oded napchi

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Oded comes from a rich and extensive background in media. Oded started his career in the radio were he founded and managed Israel's most popular music radio station. In TV Oded started as a show runnrer for prime time broadcast TV shows and later become head of content for the Israeli children channel, head of interactive and CCO of Noga communication, Israel's biggest vertical channel company. In 1999 Oded founded Valis a mobile communities start up that was the first to introduce location based communities. Following deals with Vodafone and Orange, Valis was sold in 2003 to Axis mobile. Oded also worked for McCann Erickson, BIP channel and Telad TV channel. At 2006 Oded joined the two founder of Valis in their new venture HIRO-Media the world leader for online video monetization. since 2010 Oded serves CMO of HIRO-Media

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  • Ad Quality Is 'Elephant In The Room' No One's Addressing in Digital News Daily on 11/01/2017

    This year will surely mark the turning point for the fall of the ad-supported model, due in part to ad blocking increases and premium publishers' migration to ad-free, subscription-based models. This makes me wonder why audiences are moving away from us, and why more and more people are willing to pay more just to avoid being exposed to ads. Wasn't it everyone's expectation that precisely targeted digital ads would raise the public's acceptance of advertising in the end? Still, the problem with digital is surprisingly simple: the poor technical quality of the ads we're exposed to.

  • To Segment Or Not to Segment: Where Is The volume? in MediaDailyNews on 03/31/2015

    While programmatic moves by premium publishers can address the data and target a portion of the equation, the question of volume still remains. Will the programmatic exchanges actually have enough quality inventory of premium publishers with sufficient data?

  • Video Content's Evolution in Video Insider on 03/04/2014

    Recently, while reading about Amazon's new Web series, I had a flashback moment to 2004, when we addressed the Internet's potential influence on video content, whether we'd be "leaning forward or leaning back", and other issues of the unknown. These discussions focused on the new storytelling, how the structure of the story would change, be it interactive stories or cat videos as new forms of entertainment. Looking back, it's clear that theories got it all wrong. Technology doesn't drive storytelling. The same content formats have existed for 75 years, since TV's early days.

  • 'Below The Fold' Ad Placement: Real Threat Or Not? in Video Insider on 06/05/2012

    Every now and then we hear about a new fraud threat. For a company that deals with these threats as part of its product offering, it's our bread and butter; the more threats, the more business for us. However, the discussion about "below the fold" ad placement has been stretched too far. Why?

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