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Joseph Jaffe

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Joseph Jaffe is a multiple author, keynote speaker, entrepreneur (crayon was in the Metaverse 15 years ago) and host of business talk show, Joseph Jaffe is not Famous ( He recently launched “The Alpha Collective” (, a premium community helping its members win at the business of Web3. His 5th book, Built to Suck” documents the prophetic reality of the demise of the Corporate Empire. Jaffe has his own $JAFFE creator coin on ( Jaffe also teaches at NYU & Western Connecticut State University.

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  • 'Built To Suck,' Taking Responsibility in MediaDailyNews on 03/26/2019

    In the following excerpt from his just-published book, "Built to Suck: The Inevitable Demise of the Corporation ... and How to Save It?," consultant and author Joe Jaffe, makes a case for that the first step in un-sucking modern marketing organizations is in "taking responsibility." Read the excerpt here.

  • The Stack in Online Spin on 01/06/2015

    On vacation in Cape Town, my family and I would often place all our phones on a pile in the middle of the table when we visited a restaurant. I dubbed this "The Stack."

  • I Give Under Armour's Marketing A Big Fat Z.E.R.O.  in Online Spin on 12/09/2014

    Under Armour has received accolades for its marketing, including its campaign "I Will What I Want." To be sure, it's a great campaign, but at the end of the day, it's no better or worse than anything Nike, Reebok or Adidas have done with their aspirational advertising. Personally, I'm overjoyed that Under Armour is being recognized. In fact, I think the company deserves even more credit than it's been given, due to five key reasons.

  • Why Every Single Brand Needs An App in Online Spin on 11/25/2014

    Well, hello, brand marketers out there. It's time to shut the door in the face of the Grinch who stole your media budget. It's time to celebrate that you made it to the end of the year (albeit with a few bumps and bruises). Be thankful you survived the umpteenth reorg and restructuring, budget cut, CMO and/or agency firing/hiring.

  • The New York Social Media Marathon in Online Spin on 11/04/2014

    On Sunday Nov. 2, I attempted to run my first marathon ever. Of all the marathons I could have selected, it felt fitting that it was my home marathon -- the New York Marathon, arguably one of the greatest marathons in the world in inarguably the greatest city in the world. I failed. Well, let me clarify. I finished the marathon. Felt great. Sprinted the final mile and completed it with a very respectable (in my opinion) time of five hours, 11 minutes. Where I failed was in the social media part of the race.

  • Nicholas Charles Tyrwhitt Wheeler, The Funnel Flipper  in Online Spin on 10/27/2014

    Last week I received a letter from the United Kingdom sent by Nicholas Charles Tyrwhitt Wheeler, the owner of Charles Tyrwhitt, a men's apparel store with its flagship on Jermyn Street, London. The letter was titled, "Thank You" and if you've read my book, "Flip the Funnel" or even vaguely follow my rants, you would know that these are the two most powerful words in the English language and the cornerstone of the "A" in A.D.I.A. (Acknowledgment - Dialog - Incentivization - Activation)

  • Red Bull Gives You Whinge in Online Spin on 10/14/2014

    Last week, Red Bull, iconic "media company" -- and in its spare time, energy drink manufacturer -- lost a landmark (and borderline insane) lawsuit. It was sued by customers who said they were misled by the famous slogan: "Red Bull gives you wings."

  • Apples, Honey & Racism in Online Spin on 09/30/2014

    Apples, honey and racism. Two of them go together. One does not. Need a hint? I'll give you another set of three words: football (soccer), social media and racism. Two of them go together. One does not. Can you guess which one?

  • Making Mistakes... On Purpose in Online Spin on 09/16/2014

    I was keynoting at a Satmetrix (the Net Promoter People) customer experience conference last week in London -- and over fish 'n chips during lunch, I ended up chatting with one of my fellow keynoters, Ian Williams (@CustExpMan), about making mistakes. Ian had a rather controversial point of view that organizations should go out of their way to make mistakes ON PURPOSE.

  • Earn The Bundle in Online Spin on 09/02/2014

    A month ago, Procter & Gamble announced it would be culling about 90 to 100 of its brands globally, in a restructure that would instead focus on the company's top 70-80 brands. On the surface, the move makes complete sense. After all, the remaining brands have accounted for 90% of sales and 95% of profit over the past three years. So if I read that correctly (and the math is rather simple), we're talking about 90-100 brands responsible for 10% of sales and only 5% of profit. If that's the case, one might ask what on earth the company was doing in the first place carrying so much dead weight relative to the remaining rock stars.

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  • The Second Coming Of Joe Jaffe by Joe Mandese (MediaDailyNews on 07/11/2022)

    Alpha Collective is not designed to be a shill or booster for Web3. It's designed to help executives make informed decisions about it and not have to go through the same vicious cycle of all the waves that came before it.Euphoric and idealistic boosting is just as bad as ignorant and contrarion skepticism. I'm neutral on outcomes, but I've seen enough to know that sitting on the sidelines and throwing stones is the worst option by far

  • The Second Coming Of Joe Jaffe by Joe Mandese (MediaDailyNews on 07/11/2022)

    What does that mean?

  • The Second Coming Of Joe Jaffe by Joe Mandese (MediaDailyNews on 07/11/2022)

    Hello George you old dog! So happy to see your name pop up. I'll fill you in over a 3 Martini Lunch.Also you should come on my show. Send me an e-mail: joejaffe

  • Why Change Agents Are Destined To Fail by Maarten Albarda (Online Spin on 11/02/2015)

    So what you're saying @malbarda is not so much that change agents are destined to fail...but that they will fail if they are external / brought in from the outside v inside.

  • The Stack by Joseph Jaffe (Online Spin on 01/06/2015)

    @george - it's Joseph btw :) I think you might be replying to me with the same outrage I expressed! Yes, I did leave the phone on the plane and yes it was my fault. I had just flown 11 1/2 hours and it was 5am. The incompetence I reference revolved around arriving at customer service at 5.40am to be told Lost Property only opened at 6am. Between 6am and 7.30am, by family sat while I heard a) you're the first job of the day, but b) there are 5 jobs before the phone can be retrieved, c) the lost property car wouldn't start because it had iced over (???) and finally d) by the time they arrived at the plane, it had been towed away and locked and would only be reopened later that afternoon, long after we had left. I was disappointed with the apathy, poor communication, bureaucracy and ultimately inability to move quicker. So I hold my right to be outraged, even though I am an incompetent passenger.

  • Making Mistakes... On Purpose by Joseph Jaffe (Online Spin on 09/16/2014)

    @Kenneth - thanks for your insightful comment. Totally agree that we should not reward mistakes....but at the same time we shouldn't punish them either. The "forced" mistake is really not about a premeditated mistake (which by definition is not a mistake at all), but in effect what you said, "a process that allows for, even assumes mistakes."

  • The Price Of Innovation? About $199 by Joseph Jaffe (Online Spin on 08/05/2014)

    @anne - are you saying that I could have renewed AppleCare on an old phone? I don't think so, but I could be wrong. Why didn't Apple send an e-mail or "notification" to warn me that my AppleCare was expiring and that I could renew? Why can't I roll an existing AppleCare onto a newer device?

  • The Price Of Innovation? About $199 by Joseph Jaffe (Online Spin on 08/05/2014)

    @Tom - brilliant idea; @ Mike - It's called Find my iPhone. I think you missed the point of the blind loyalty aside, this is about Apple creating a 2-year cycle of expectations with their customer, which they surprise and delight when they innovate within, and disappoint when they don't.

  • Speed-Dating Is The Tinder Of Innovation by Joseph Jaffe (Online Spin on 07/22/2014)

    Thanks Mark Silva. You and I are aligned on a) rising tide floats all boats and b) high road over low road. In many respects, my piece rails against things even we are doing at the moment. Like it or not, brands want hunters....and hunters gotta eat too :) Talk to you soon, my friend. Joe

  • I Love Twitter's Buy Button. I Hate Twitter's Buy Button. by Joseph Jaffe (Online Spin on 07/08/2014)

    @Steven - you're clearly a little too witty for me (I appreciate the irony). So for the less gifted, can you clarify what you're saying? Is it that a) you would pay for Twitter? b) you don't mind a buy button v interruptive advertising? The BBC licensing model is an anomaly today based more on a governmental soft spot and tradition and hardly compares to the progress of a Sky business model for example. Unless of course it's the UN stepping in and subsidizing a nominal usage fee. And as for your book idea, great suggestion. I will dedicate it to you!

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