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David Tice

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Specializing in media research since 1994. Currently consulting through TiceVision LLC; formerly at GfK, Knowledge Networks (bought by GfK) and Statistical Research, Inc./SRI (bought by KN).

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  • 6-Second Commercials Are Dumb by Steve Sternberg (Television News Daily on 06/22/2018)

    Steve, I don't necessarily disagree with a lot of your points, but it would have been nice to have seen this opinion contrasted with actual research on linear 6s that the ARF released last week. Their first look was positive on 6s, although they do point out that so far 6s have generally been put in very favorable programs/pod positions.

  • Fox's Two-Minutes-Per-Hour Ad Plan: The TV Times They Are A-Changin' by Adam Buckman (TVBlog on 03/22/2018)

    You say "The commercial-free content on the streaming services garners the lion's share of critical and social media attention, as well as the major awards these days."  But a list compiled by Deadline of networks winning 3 or more Emmys in 2017 had Netflix and Hulu with 30, compared with 76 for traditional TV networks -- I wouldn't exactly call that the lion's share. But the streamers do seem to get far more attention, whether always deserved or not.

  • Netflix TV Viewing Doubles in Three Years by Daisy Whitney (Video Insider on 11/04/2015)

    Hi all. I just want to set the record straight that Netflix had nothing to do with this report - they did not sponsor it, nor do they buy it. For that  matter, the article did not state or even imply that anywhere, so one should be mindful before jumping to conclusions.

  • TV Network Brands: Taking A Hit From Streaming? by David Tice (MediaDailyNews on 04/23/2015)

    Actually, Leonard, thanks for proving my point by citing giant record companies that don't have a strong identity. But if you like rap, wouldn't it be a better signal to you if the record was put out by Def Jam than Epic? And wouldn't a Harvard University Press title signal a higher level of quality than a book published by Barnes & Noble's imprint? As I noted, networks without a clear image will suffer. I think people have a much closer relationship with TV networks than other media publishers and even if it isn't a key decision factor, the network is a signal of content, quality, and/or point-of-view - and if you don't get that, you are living in your own fairy tale.

  • It's Like Deja Viewing Estimates All Over Again by Joe Mandese (TV Watch on 06/30/2014)

    Joe, don't forget the SMART system from Gale Metzger and SRI in the mid-late '90s.

  • TV Stations Without HD Spots Miss Opportunity by David Goetzl (MediaDailyNews on 06/16/2010)

    May be a tempest in a teapot. In research done last year, we found that only about 20% of HD viewers both notice if ads are in HD or not and are more likely to watch an ad if it's in HD. A pessimist would say that ads may look better in HD but the actual payoff appears limited; an optimist would say something that may get 20% of an audience to pay more attention is great.

  • TV Trends: More Internet TV Viewers Erode Trad Media by Wayne Friedman (MediaDailyNews on 03/18/2010)

    Brian, we absolutely agree with your statement about TV viewing. I would just like to clarify that, while we have found that there is a small but noticeable shift in service choices, nowhere in this release or in the full report do we claim there are any changes in actual TV use. That is something we track via our MultiMedia Mentor service, and that data is in agreement with all of the key benchmarks we have seen (e.g. TV viewing is not eroding).

  • Time Warner & Fox Should Give Viewers The Real Bottom-Line, A-La-Carte Score by Wayne Friedman (TV Watch on 12/17/2009)

    "Under its, it tries not to finger-point any bad guys in this battle." Really? Just the name of the website is loaded. If one chooses "roll over", you get a page asking you why not get tough, and if one chooses "get tough" you are congratulated for standing up to evil price-gouging cable companies. Regardless of which side you are on, it is such blatant TWC propaganda it's hard to take seriously.

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