Daily Online Examiner Editions for April 2015
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, April 30, 2015
Mississippi Attorney General Fights To Keep MPAA Material Private
AT&T Says Wireless Customers Should Have Predicted Throttling Program
Senate Democrats Introduce New Data Breach Bill
Spammers Use Nepal Earthquake in Email Scams
FCC To Give Rural Broadband Providers $1.7 Billion
Cablevision To Launch Data Tool To Optimize TV Campaigns
Twitter Shells Out $533 Million To Buy Ad Tech Firm TellApart
DCN's Kint To Publishers: Don't Lose Sight Of Content As Audience-Buying Takes Over
How Apple Watch Capitalizes On Near-Me Searches
British Betting Site Betfair Overhauls Email Policy After Vulnerabilities Exposed
Anonymous Social Sharing App Secret Shuts Down
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, April 29, 2015
New Bill Aims To Protect People's Right To Post Reviews
Rand Paul Moves To Block Open Internet Rules
Internet Entrepreneur Asks FCC To Stay Net Neutrality Order
Facebook Says European Privacy Laws Could Hinder New Features
Student Privacy Bill Introduced In House
Smartphone Dependent Users Are Really Dependent
Google's Project Fi And The Next Challenge To Protect Data
Twitter, Google Partner In Ad, Attribution Deal
NAA Reports Record Audience For Online Newspapers
Judge Orders Deadline for Release of Hillary Clinton's Emails
Mobile Location History Could be Key, Says Report
Google Launches Chrome Extension For Password Protection
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, April 28, 2015
AT&T Defends Premium Pricing For Privacy
Nick.com Visitors Seek To Revive Video Privacy Battle With Viacom And Google
AOL Dial-Up User Hit With $24,000 Phone Bill
Supreme Court TV? Big Time, Less-Than-Pretty Arguments For Your Viewing Pleasure
Google Rolls Out A $164 Million Partnership With European Newspapers
Twitter's Stock Drops 18% After Earnings Revealed In Tweet
Study: One Third Of Babies Use Mobile Devices
MDC Partners Stock Plunges After SEC Investigation Disclosure
Google Joins Ad Council Initiative Creators For Good
Hillary Clinton's Presidential Campaign Launches On Social
12.5% of Emails Sent by Nonprofits Land in Spam Folder
AOL Chief Armstrong On AOL-Yahoo Merger Rumors: 'Dead Notion'
Daily Online Examiner - Monday, April 27, 2015
AT&T's Broadband Promises Likely To Sell Regulators On Merger
Supreme Court To Decide Whether Spokeo Can Be Sued Over Inaccuracies
Judge Must Attend Class In Social Media
ESPN Sues Verizon For Letting Customers Reconfigure TV Packages
FCC Workshop On Tuesday Will Explore Broadband Users' Privacy
ANA Advises Advertisers To Make 'Measurably Viewable' New Digital Ad Currency Standard
Ebay CEO Backs Google, Calls The Search Engine A Commerce Competitor
Google, Facebook, Reddit Throw Lifeline To Nepal Quake Area. Would Emergency Internet Standards Help?
Google Has A New Display Network Interface
Trai Exposes Email Addresses of Net Neutrality Supporters
A Mess Of Millions: OTAs And The Truth Behind Their Unpaid Hotel Taxes
Google Looks For IP, Launches Secondary Patent Marketplace
Daily Online Examiner - Friday, April 24, 2015
FCC Chairman Explains How Comcast-Time Warner Deal Threatened Online Video
How Government's Net-Neutrality Stance Killed Comcast-Time Warner Merger
Digital Democracy? More Like Digital Dictatorship
Cable Ad Bureau Video Tweaks Online's 'Shocking' Click Bots
What Would You Rather Quit? Cable Or Netflix?
FTC Opposes AT&T's Bid To Appeal Decision In Throttling Battle
WPP's Sorrell Welcomes EU Charges Against Google
Data Breaches Are an Ongoing Threat to Companies
Disney Blocks Verizon Custom TV Ads
Comcast-Time Warner Dead, But Broadband Competition Still Lacking
With TWC/Comcast Deal Dead, Charter May Make TWC Bid
ANA, 4A's Unveil 'Transparency' Task Force: Will Take 'Decisive Action' To Address Concerns
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, April 23, 2015
Report: Comcast To Walk Away From Time Warner Cable
FTC Says Retail Tracking Company Didn't Keep Privacy Promises
Cablevision Offers Cord-Cutter Package For TV, Internet
AT&T Says DirecTV Purchase Will Result In Expanded Fiber Service
Google's Subscription Ad-Blocking Service Arrives In Beta
Netflix Viewing Rises, Impacts Trad TV Trends
Facebook And Google Say Encryption Protects Users' Rights
House Passes Cyber Security Bill
Twitter Execs Ditch Stock-Dropping Practice
Do Millennials Respond To 'Equality-Themed' Ads? Google Says Yes
Ad-Blocking Crisis: Time Publishers Got Tough On Digital Shoplifters
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, April 22, 2015
Comcast Faces New Questions About Hulu
Aereo Agrees To Pay $950,000 To Broadcasters
Google's Lobbying Spending Reaches New Heights
Public Knowledge Seeks To Join Court Fight Over Net Neutrality Rules
Social Media Risk Scoring Comes To Insurance
IAB: Digital Ad Revenue Approaching $50 Billion Annually
German Court Sides With AdBlock Plus
Is Path Selling Social App to South Korean Company?
Delaware Governor Accused of Conducting Secret Business With Undercover Email Address
News Media Losing Patience With Facebook
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, April 21, 2015
Record Labels Sue MP3Skull For Piracy
Senators Seek To Block Comcast's Merger With Time Warner
Comcast's Internet Essentials Program Won't Close Digital Divide
Survey: Most Young Workers Would Quit Jobs Over Mobile Access
Congress Considers Freeing More Spectrum For Mobile Broadband
Web Users Unaware That They Access Government Data
Twitter Expands Prohibited Content To Include Violent Threats
Political Campaigns And The Race Between Social, Search
Yahoo Makes Data Anomalies Work Through Webscope, But Not For Marketers
Federal Data Breach Bill Isn't as Some Strong as Existing State Laws
Google Makes Search Histories Downloadable
Uber Faces Another Lawsuit
Daily Online Examiner - Monday, April 20, 2015
Sony Tries, Again, To Convince Media To Ignore Leaked Emails
Google, Yahoo Encrypting Ad Network Connections
Google Says Super Cray Not Entitled To AdSense Revenue
No Pro-Roll Please, The Ad Blockers Say
Owning Data Is The Key For Making Good Customer Experiences Even Better
CenturyLink Sues Over Net Neutrality Rules
HBO Now For U.S. Users Only, Company Says
Less Ads Mean Streaming TV Tops Traditional Viewing
Twitter Tweaks Messaging Service To Compete With Facebook
How One Small Town Turned Twitter Into A Civic Asset
Hold The Phone! ESPN Isn't Happy About Verizon Skinny Package
When FBI Overrides Twitter Smarts
BuzzFeed Says Posts Were Deleted Because Of Ad Pressure
Daily Online Examiner - Friday, April 17, 2015
Report: DOJ Staff Wants To Block Comcast-Time Warner Merger
SquareTrade Told To Revise Boasts Based On Web Reviews
Google Prank Accidentally Broke Its Security
Consumers Concerned About IoT Data, Privacy
California Considers Bill To Limit Data Collection By Ride-Sharing Companies
Verizon FiOS Latest Co. To Offer Custom TV Package
Internet.org Under Criticism In India
Twitter Admits To Troll Infestation
Google's $1 Billion Iowa Data Center
WikiLeaks Publishes Thousands Of Sony Documents, Emails In Searchable Database
Google DoubleClick Network Hit With More Malvertising
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