MAD London Editions for January 2015
MAD London - Friday, Jan. 30, 2015
Mobile Phones - Just A Connection Or More? Wallflower Vodafone Will Find Out
Google Reports Clicks, Cost Per Clicks On Ads Fall In Q4
Unilever Selects Omnicom's PHD, Resolution Media For Global Search Duties
Data-Driven Campaigns Three Times As Likely To Reap Competitor Advantage
Morrisons' Chair Says Big Four Not Talking To Customers In Their Ads
Argos Opens Digital Hubs In Sainsbury's
Sky To Launch Mobile Service Via O2
Deezer Seeks First Ad Agency
Facebook Vows To Improve Measurement Tools
Havas Launches Helia Network
Rapists Using Social Media To Cover Up Crime
Email Marketing Innovation: Going Beyond What We Do Now
It's Not 'Social'- It's 'Personal'
MAD London - Thursday, Jan. 29, 2015
It's Time For Time To Replace Meaningless Click-Throughs
Germany's Axel Springer Leads $25 Million Round In 'Business Insider,' Will 'Fast-Track' Global Expansion
The Real Reason Google Glass Failed
Havas EHS, Havas Discovery Merge To Become Helia
New Twitter Videos Offer New Creative Route For Brands
Search On Yahoo's Radar, But Will It Become A Cash Engine?
Split Decision: Volvo Sweeps Global Creative Awards Market
Facebook Launches 'Conversion Lift' Analysis To Measure Ad Impact
Planning A Programmatic Practice: How-Tos
Facebook's 2014 Revs Hit $12B, Momentum Driven By Mobile
Asda Programmatic Publisher Plans Not A Threat
Digital Marketing New Hires Will Need Technical And Creative Skills
Apple Ripe To The Core: Reports $18B In Net Profit
'The Guardian' Moves To Time Metric, Not Just Clicks
EasyJet Targets Premium Rivals, Not 'Copycat' No-Frills Airlines
UK Advertising Delivers GBP14.3bn, But Valued At GBP9.4bn, AA Claims
MAD London - Wednesday, Jan. 28, 2015
Twitter To Offer Postcode Targeting In Time For General Election
Newcastle Brown Crowdsources Super Bowl Spot With 37 Brands
'Breaking Bad' Lawyer Saul Returns To Netflix In Better Call
Netmums Founder Launches Channel Mum On YouTube
London Commuters Greeted By Sky Atlantic's Polar Bear
P&G Gives Sales Warning, Pledges To Keep Seeking Efficiencies
Britvic New Strategy To Appeal To More Adults
WPP's Mark Read To Become Global Chief Executive At Wunderman
Netflix Declares War On Linear TV With A Show Aired Every Tuesday? Confused?
Twitter Delivers Group Messaging, Rolls Out New Mobile Video Camera
Yahoo To Spin Off Alibaba Stake, Reports Earnings
Publicis Bought The Monkees!
Mark Reed Takes One More Step Toward Replacing Martin Sorrell
MAD London - Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2015
Suarez, Adidas And Amazon Get Away With It Because Consumers Don't Care About Brand Values
Controversial Suarez Tops Bill In Adidas' Latest Campaign
Amazon Was The Clear Winner Over Christmas For Entertainment
Warc Slightly Downgrades 2015 Ad Growth Prediction
Apple Sold More Phones In China Last Year Than US
Pinterest Adds Gender Filters To Appeal To Male Users And Advertisers
Asos To Continue With Snapchat Ad Pilot Despite Lack Of Data
Media Execs And New Media Stars Join Debrett's Influential List
No Waterstones Deal For Blinkbox Books, But Music Arm Sold To Australia
BuzzFeed Hires Journalist For LGBT Stories
Awaiting U.S. Approval, Publicis Again Extends Sapient Tender Offer
Would You Want To Be A Media Agency CEO In 2015?
Top 7 Things Nobody Will Miss When The Internet Disappears
MAD London - Monday, Jan. 26, 2015
Will O2 Be Rebranded 3?
MailOnline Nears 200m Monthly Uniques Mark
McDonald's Pays The Price As Consumers Eat Healthier
British Heart Foundation Calls For "Junk" Food Advertising Watershed
British Director In Final 10 To Win $1m Super Bowl Doritos Prize
WikiLeaks Complains Google Notification Of Passing Government Emails Came Two Years Late
Sapient Get Extension On Publicis Offer
Havas Worldwide London Chief Exec Russ Lidstone Leaves
McDonald's Paying The Price For Ignoring Changing Customers, Thinking PR Can Wash Its Hands Clean
Unilever Launches Global Media Review
Google's Schmidt Tells Us The 'Internet Will Disappear,' Microsoft Bing Defines What That Means
Facebook Desperately Tries To Prove Itself To Search Marketers
MAD London - Friday, Jan. 23, 2015
Three To Buy O2 For GBP10bn
Microsoft Reignites Virtual Reality Excitement
Trade Bodies Come Together To Tackle Ad Fraud
Twitter Tells Big Hitters To Use Its Own Photo Tool, Not Instagram
Leaflets Likely To Still Lead Ad Spend In General Election
Diet Coke Ditches Hunk For 'Regret Nothing' Ad
BA Puts Split Marketing Team At Centre Of New Strategy
BA Reviews Global Digital Advertising Account
3 Deal To Buy O2 Back On -- Could The Ultimate Winner Be Sky?
'Guardian' Gives Journos Keys To The Analytics Engine
Google Slips In Q4, Gives Up Search Market Share To Bing, Yahoo
Havas Worldwide Eats Up Edible Arrangements Account
comScore's Inventory Packages Blend Programmatic, Direct
Optimising For Both Ends Of The Purchase Funnel
MAD London - Thursday, Jan. 22, 2015
Sky Holds Partnership Talks With O2
Digitas LBi Opts For Payment On Results For Lift-Sharing Service
Havas Clients Set For 'People Based Marketing' Through Facebook Atlas Partnership
EBay To Cut 2,400 Jobs After Weak Christmas
Shazam Claims Billion-Dollar Valuation After Investment
WhatsApp Arrives On Web Browsers
Starbucks Rolls Out Wireless Mobile Charging 'Rings'
M&S Launches Digital Loyalty App Scheme For Cafes
'Bonkers' Bid For BBC3 Dismissed
'Sun' Brings Back Page 3 After "Mammary Lapse"
What The Shakeup Of Content Engines & Rise of Programmatic Mean For Publishers
Quad Play Is The Only Game In Town - Whither Vodafone And 3?
Facebook Video Viewing Nearly Doubles
2015 Will See The Rise Of Dark Social
Amazon Axes Mobile Wallet
JWT To Consolidate Digital Brands Worldwide Under New Agency Called Mirum
comScore Brings Pre-Bid Data To Programmatic Marketplace
MAD London - Wednesday, Jan. 21, 2015
Think Google Will Just Get A Slap On The Wrist From The EU? Think Again
UK's 'Sun' Drops Page 3 Topless Shots
BBC Says More Demand For BBC1+1 But Little Support For BBC3
BSUR Selected To 'Harmonize' Jack Link's Meat Brands For EMEA
Peperami Ditches Crowdsourcing, Appoints BSUR
Mazda Leaps Off The Page In Norway With 3D Ads
Unilever Claims Efficiencies Giving More Bang For Buck
Facebook Reduces News Feed 'Hoaxes'
H&M Extends Beckham Relationship
Marmite Adds Social Flavour To New Campaign
Mobile Payments On The Increase
British Government Caught Reading Reporters' Emails
Programmatic Data Doctors To Watch In 2015
Asia Charging International Mobile Programmatic Surge
A $1 Billion Google Investment In SpaceX Would Make Internet Access Available Via Satellite
MAD London - Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2015
Amazon Intensifies Streaming Wars As It Proves Content Is King All Along
Amazon To Release Original Films In Cinemas And Stream Them Weeks Later
Video On Product Page Increases Order Value At Least 50%
Vince Cable Calls For Single EU Market For Streamers Like Netflix
Mobile 'Moments' Demand A Different Metric
Uber Wants To 'Partner' With EU Cities To Create 50,000 Jobs
TfL Signs GBP100k 'Baby On Board' Badge Deal with
'The Sun' Drops Page 3 Topless Pin-Ups
'Celebrity Big Brother' Continues To Keep High Ratings
Adslot Taps PubMatic For Programmatic Direct Supply
MAD London - Monday, Jan. 19, 2015
London Start-Up Gaining Critical Mass In Silicon Valley's Eyes
Search Or YouTube: Where Should Incremental Search Dollars Go Next?
Pinterest Yet To Prove Ad Value To Marketers
Google Search Results Now Show Social Profiles For Brands
Myspace Launches Advertising Cloud To Rival Facebook Atlas
Verizon's 'Zombie Cookie' And The Future Of Audience Targeting
Ryanair And Aer Lingus Embroiled In Twitter Spat
TV Chiefs Hunt For 'Next Big Thing'
BBC Accused of Spying on Employee Emails
British Airways Calls Global Digital Review
Legal & General Reviewing All Media And Advertising
U.S. Companies Are Better at Email Marketing Than Companies in France & Germany: Mailjet
Think Social's Over-Hyped? Don't Worry, It Isn't Just You -- And The Data Can Prove It
BBC News Revamps Web Site, App
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