Marketing Daily Editions for November 2013
Marketing Daily - Thursday, Nov. 14, 2013
Obama's Last Keg-Stand: Thank You, Colorado
Movie Trailers Help Drive Social Heat For Subway
Erwin Ephron Tribute
Hyundai Takes Total Value Honors For First Time
Think IT's Approach To Big Data Will Solve For Marketing Accountability? Think Again
Sharper Marketing Boosts Macy's Results
Wearable Device Makers Look For Killer App
British Airways Offers Vacation Choices
The Giant Sucking Sound You Hear Is Coming From Your Smartphone: Cameras First, Games Next
Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2013
Arbitrator Rules Starbucks Owes Kraft $2.8 Billion
Honey Bunches Of Oats Creates Music Video, Sweeps
Barnes & Noble Brandishing Nook GlowLight
The Weather Channel Articulates Its Passion
Companies Unite in Aiding Typhoon Victims
More Electricity In U.S. Autos; Consumers Still Wary
Gen Y Warms Up To The 'New' Black Friday
Sony Opens New Amazon Store
Congressman Proposes Cut To Ad Deduction
Musk Sprays Water On Tesla S Fire News
Miller Kills Chill
Walgreens, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's Recalls
Cleared For Merger: American Airlines, US Airways
How To Get Started With Facebook Custom Audiences
Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2013
PepsiCo To Put $5.5 Billion Where India's Mouths Are
Social Media: Big ROI For Big Companies
Brands Missing Out On Audience Development
Merck Launches Pet Diabetes Campaign
Roku Sells Self-Gifting
Chocolate Milk In New Olympics Campaign
Where Digital Investments Are Going And The Barriers
Flipboard Broadens Shopping In Time For Holidays
Chiquita: Prove You're Human, Play A Game
Former Kraft And Philip Morris Chief Dead
Americans Eating Less Seafood
Chevrolet Viral Video Touts Siri
Facebook Failing Marketers
Twitter Was Almost A Real 'Smssy'
Digital Decoupling: A Capability Multiplier In The Marketing Equation
Marketing Daily - Monday, Nov. 11, 2013
Amazon Going Postal Service On Sundays In N.Y., L.A.
MOGA Uses YouTube For Launch
Price Power: From Family Dollar To Abercrombie & Fitch
J.Crew, MasterCard Partner For MasterPass
Lexus Sponsors Road Trip Series On
With Smart Run Watch, Adidas Sprints For The Lead
Food Companies Pull Back From 'Natural' Claims
Brand Freebies For Vets
GM Offering Health Benefits To Same Sex Couples
Sheetz Makes Hall Of Fame (For C-Stores)
Just For You And Your Holiday Boredom
Home Depot Very Sorry About Racist Tweet
CEOpen Mouth, Remove Foot
Personalized Marketing For B2B Sites - Three Ways To Avoid Complexity
Marketing Daily - Friday, Nov. 8, 2013
Disney's Wonderful World Of Spinoffs And Profits
Jaguar Plays Villain In First Super Bowl Spot
For Stores, Unilever and Kellogg Are Rising Stars
PNC Uses Humor In Video Campaign
AMEX, NBA Explore 'Off the Court' Passions
Philly Cream Cheese Shifts To Digital Holiday Focus
FDA Moves Against Artificial Trans Fats
Consumers Know Their Data Value, Demand Brand Rewards
NASCAR In Joint Awareness Campaign For COPD
Dan Cathy Named CEO At Chick-fil-A
Brand Archeology: First Tweets Ever
Kia Proves Its Soul: Five SEMA Concepts
After Anti-Gay Remarks, Barilla Preps Diversity Campaign
Hyundai Gets Sunk By Sun Yang
Alcohol Industry Breaking Its Own Underage Rules?
Nurturing Brand Advocates: The Untapped Earned Media Opportunity
Don't Hide The 'Advertising' In Native Advertising
Marketing Daily - Thursday, Nov. 7, 2013
Blockbuster Busts
Wild Turkey Targets Millennials With #Nevertamed
OMMA: Culture, Leadership, Perception In Going Native
Endorsements Don't Earn Trust For Marketers
Expo, Geometry Global: Don't Ignore The Connected
McKinsey: Retailers Need To Evolve Faster
Marketers, Analysts All A Twitter With IPO
How Three Companies Use Storytelling
Sofia Vergara To Star In Head & Shoulders Ads
Restaurant Industry Reacts To Charlie Trotter's Death
Poll: Hanes Underwear Has Toughest Fans In NFL
GM Puts Internet Buying Tool In Dealerships
Born Free: The Jeep Cherokee Edition
Why Craft Beer Is Winning In The Race Against Big Beer
Lights, Camera, Action - Tips For Producing Online Marketing Videos
Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2013
Kraft Has Gotta Love Yale Rudd's Mac & Cheese Ranking
Mattel Changes Tactics To Reach Millennial Latinos
Study: QSRs Still Pushing Unhealthy Food To Kids
Waldorf Astoria Ads Feature 'Bond' Girl
Where's The Wall? Mulling Native Ad Legal Issues
Samsung Recruits Galaxy 11
Goodyear Straps On Skis With USSA
Anthony's Ads Take Faux PSA Tack Against Bad Pizza
Can Smith Brothers Make A Comeback?
P&G Bailing Out Of Pet Food?
Glow In The Dark Ice Cream!
Rodgers Continues To Play Thanks To State Farm's 'Turbulence'
Papa John's Eyes Deal With Yankees
Nine Steps To An Integrated Marketing And Advertising Campaign
Brand Agility: How Good Is Your Brand At Pickup Ball?
Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2013
J&J Paying $2.2 Billion For False Marketing, Kickbacks
Progressive Strives To Keep 'Flo' Fresh
BDO: CMOs Predict Tepid Holiday; Hot Tech
Kiosks Campaign Touts The Wonders Of The Philippines
Burgundy Is Back - For Whole Dodge Lineup
Edge Solves Guys' Biggest Irritations
Outside TV Gets Original Content From Red Bull
SodaStream Eyes Super Bowl Again, Aims At Big Soda
Hospitality Brand Won't Advertise Traditionally
ShopRite Helping With Insurance Exchanges
GM Market Share Down Despite Strong Reviews
Controversial Billboard Gets LOTS Of Attention
4 Ways Elite Social Brands Separate Themselves From The Pack In B2B
Drive Holiday Revenue, Shopper Engagement With Online-to-Offline Marketing
Marketing Daily - Monday, Nov. 4, 2013
Sheer Wear And Tear For Lululemon PR
Hot Bands, Young Hunks: Zales Targets Gen Y Romantics
Regal Taps Vine Stars To Sell Big Screen
RevolutionWear Frigo Effort Touts Hi-Tech Underwear
October More Treat Than Trick For Autos
Ray Liotta's Attitude Says Enough For 1800 Tequila
Half Of All Ad Campaigns Will Be Multiscreen By 2016
Amazon Testing TV Shows Online
Wet Weather Impacts C-Store Business
Jewelry Brand Breaks Taboos
Best Buy Matching Walmart Prices
Tesla: The Corolla Of The Very Rich
An Open Letter To Time Inc. CEO Joe Ripp
Getting The Most Out Of Your Monday Morning Quarterback
Marketing Daily - Friday, Nov. 1, 2013
GM's Pickup Pricing: For Real Or 'Marketing Ploy'?
Century 21 Can Even Handle 'Haunted' Houses
Send Those Branded Emails To Apple Devices
Bonobos Expands With New Women's Brand
Wireless Carriers Struggling With Consumer Expectations
Nissan GT Academy Lines Up At Flag For Third Year
Kraft, McDonald's Team To Sell McCafe Packaged Coffee
Kia Partnering With YouTube Music Awards
Fair Warning: Lay's Covers Chips With Chocolate
The Creeping Horrors In Marketing
Q&A: Kellogg Heading To Sochi Winter Games
GM's Direct Internet Play May Anger Dealers
President Of Dunkin' Brands Int'l To Move On
Where We Decide: The Exponential Impact Of Retail Creativity
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