Marketing Politics Weekly Editions for August 2023
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, Aug. 30, 2023
The Art Of The Running Without Running Deal
Clash Of Republican Battle Bots Raises Usual Debate Questions
Christie Super PAC Campaign Is 1st To Weaponize Trump's Mugshot
X To Allow Ads From Political Candidates, Parties
What's Wrong With Political Ads On X?
Klobuchar Criticizes New USPS Sacking Policy For Publishers
U.S. Targets 10 Drugs For First Medicare Price Negotiations
Marketing Politics Weekly - Tuesday, Aug. 22, 2023
If You Think A GOP Double-Header Is Odd, Here Are The Actual Odds
Meta Slammed For No-News Policy In Canada As Wildfires Burn
When The News Hits Home
TikTok Ban Justified By Concerns Over Data, Montana Argues
Will Musk Jeopardize X By Ditching Blocking? One Rival Seems To Be Benefitting Already
Prince Andrew Is Latest Subject Of A&E's 'Secrets' Series
Sen. Cantwell Says Privacy Bill Could Protect Against AI Harms
Marketing Politics Weekly - Thursday, Aug. 17, 2023
Turns Out X Actually Is A Much Healthier And Safer Platform -- If You're A Nazi
Study Debunks Social Media, Finds Face-To-Face Dominates Brand Conversations, Albeit Politically
Publishers Are Outraged By Kansas Police Raid Of Newsroom
Threat Report Finds Malvertising Accelerating Due To Weak Ad Market
What Does 'Buy American' Really Mean?
X Throttled Traffic To Sites Of Some Rivals, News Brands: Report
How Canada Is Killing Its News Industry
Florida And Texas Content-Moderation Restrictions Unconstitutional, DOJ Says
News Shared On Facebook Falls Into 2 Distinct Categories: Study
New AI Tool Can Determine If Press Releases Are Newsworthy, Firm Claims
Marketing Politics Weekly - Monday, Aug. 7, 2023
Here's What Publir Is And Who Is Behind It: A Conversation With Anand Ramanujan
U.S. Credit Rating Downgrade: How It Affects Advertising
TV Things That Make You Go Hmmm...
TikTok's Upcoming Ad Product Bypasses Privacy Regulations
Canadians In The FAST Lane
Backlash Against Corporate Activism Tests Brand Marketers
AI At The Precipice Of Truth
Google Must Face Antitrust Claims Over Search Agreements
Do Networks Still Want Supposedly High-Rated Trump-Themed TV?
Marketing Politics Weekly - Friday, Aug. 4, 2023
The Impact Of Xandr's Political Ad Ban: Mostly Symbolic
X Corp. Sues Anti-Hate Speech Group, Claims It Scared Advertisers
Democrats Slam Musk For Suing Hate Speech Researchers
RFK Jr. Sues YouTube Over 'Censorship Campaign'
American Media Brand History X
Even Meta Studies About Divisiveness Divide
Do Networks Still Want Supposedly High-Rated Trump-Themed TV?
Meta Starts Blocking News Content In Canada
Worldcoin Suspended In Kenya Over Privacy Concerns
Sinclair's Q2 Revenues Sink 8%, Core Advertising Down 3%