• Is There A Bubble? Putting Today's Internet Valuations Into Perspective
    I ran Internet companies during our last two financing "bubbles," the big one in 1999-2000 and the smaller one in 1997. We may very well be in the middle of a bubble of sorts right now, but today's Internet valuation environment is quite different than those two, and Gilt Groupe is by no means a company with a bubblicious valuation. Here is my reasoning:
  • An Ode To The Thrill Of Victory & The Agony Of Defeat
    I was reading an article in Sports Illustrated that reminded me that ABC's "Wide World of Sports" recently celebrated its 50-year anniversary, debuting in 1961 and leading the charge with beautiful sight, sound and motion tied to the emotion in sports. "Wide World of Sports" was revolutionary, and it became the template for how sports are covered on TV -- and eventually, the Web. I remember watching it every week as a kid, being completely engaged in whatever sport was being featured that day.
  • Top Three Ways Agencies Can Fix Client Relationships
    Agencies take heed. You have developed a proven process, nurtured a staff of experts who are client-service focused and utilize the best technology. Yet the client/agency relationship is suffering. Fear not, because to a great degree your fate rests in your hands. Applying the following three recommendations will dramatically increase your client satisfaction rate this year.
  • The Industry Panelist as Caricature
    The first time you­ experience the "industry panel" during your career, its quality may not strike you one way or another. But, once you've experienced this rite a hundred, thousand or many more times over as participant or attendee, you know how brilliantly or abysmally one of these can go.
  • The Physics Of Startups: A Lesson From Cambridge
    There's a reason why nobody will steal your idea. It's the reason why it is so hard to get a startup off the ground, and why founders get less sleep than parents with octuplet newborns. It is Colbin's Theory of Reverse Startup Relativity, and it's a question of physics.
  • Plan For A Gigabit To The Home In 10 Years
    Imagine how home entertainment - and all of media and marketing - will change when we all have one full gigabit-per-second, two-way Internet access in our homes. That's what Netflix CEO and legendary entrepreneur Reed Hastings challenged interviewer Chris Anderson and a few hundred conference-goers to imagine at Wired's "Disruptive by Design" conference in New York earlier this week.
  • WWCD: Launching A New Advertising Technology Company
    Lots of new technology companies launch in advertising every month. There are DSPs, DMPs, targeting platforms, social platforms, rich media and ad-servers -- almost too many to try and keep up with. To break through the clutter of the marketplace and secure adoption with agencies and brands can be an arduous task (I know, since it's what I do for companies), but there's one very valuable tool in the marketing of a new ad tech company that I can share: your salespeople.
  • Media And Creative's Relationship Status -- It's Complicated
    The last decade has been somewhat of a rocky road for the media and creative relationship. While the medium is certainly not the message, when it comes to digital media, the mechanisms of consumer engagement and influence have become the driving force of advertising strategy and investment. As media has become the front line rather than simply the distribution vehicle for creative messaging, creative is going through a renaissance of sorts.
  • Uncomfortable Brands 101: The Donald, The Monarchy And Bin Laden
    In business circles, in almost all sectors, it's become common to personify the concept of brand. We now ascribe branding terms not only to inanimate products and services, but to living, breathing people. Many people I know find this ridiculous, cheesy misappropriation. Even when talking about the mission, personality and charter of a brand, these folks would say the term is only appropriate when referring to products, services or corporations. Never people.

    I became fascinated with this "what's-allowed-to-be-a-brand" question over the past week. Within a very short period of time, we have had three forced, globally attended conversations on brand:

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