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Tuesday, May 13, 2014
  • Paid Media Won't Buy Brands Love

    Conductor has created a business framework and platform supporting Web Presence Management, a model that Seth Besmertnik, CEO and founder, calls the next generation … Read the whole story

  • engage:BDR Enters Cross-Device Targeting Across Households, Desktop And Mobile Devices

    engage:BDR is rolling out in beta a platform that provides cross-device targeting across households with multiple computers and mobile devices. It will also allow … Read the whole story

  • Top SEM Campaign Management Tools Reviewed, Via Haikus

    It's often difficult to differentiate SEM ad technology. I could write or edit massive reports on the topic (and I have!). But not today. … Read the whole story

  • Experience Vs. Privacy - The Marketer's Dilemma

    As marketers, we tend to get very excited by new technologies - and the opportunities they create for us to get closer to our … Read the whole story

  • IAB Certifies 29 Companies In Updated Ad Quality Program

    The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) on Tuesday announced that 29 digital companies have been certified under the revised IAB Quality Assurance Guidelines program (QAG … Read the whole story

  • Trulia Giving $50K To One Lucky Home Buyer

    In a bid to boost awareness of its home search mobile and online site, Trulia is launching a promotion with $50,000 prize to be … Read the whole story