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Thursday, January 11, 2018
  • Performics Launches Amazon Ad Business

    Developers at Performics have built an Amazon platform that now allows the performance agency to support clients running advertising campaigns through the marketplace. Read the whole story

  • Pepsi Ties New Loyalty Program To Super Bowl Campaign

    Pepsi Stuff, the U.S. loyalty program from PepsiCo first released in 1996, will return with this year's Super Bowl 2018 campaign. Read the whole story

  • Google Acquires Screen-To-Speaker Tech

    Redux, a Cambridge, UK startup, worked with Cambridge Design to develop the technology. The company reports owning more than 115 granted patents that expire … Read the whole story

  • Facebook Tests New Feature In App

    Potentially threatening Nextdoor and other local news networks, Facebook just began testing a "Today in" feature on its flagship app. As part of the … Read the whole story

  • Amazon, Netflix And Hollywood Studios Sue Dragon Media Over Pirated Streams

    Three months after suing TickBox, content owners including Hollywood studios, Amazon, and Netflix have brought a similar lawsuit against Dragon Media -- another company … Read the whole story

  • Never Mind Reach -- Organic Social Media Vital To Understanding Customers

    EMarketer recently released a report on organic social media with an article headlined: "Is Organic Social Media Marketing Still Relevant?" One quote caught my … Read the whole story

  • It's CES, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

    The annual CES show in Las Vegas is a showcase for all the latest and greatest technology, but also can create an opportunity to … Read the whole story