Search & Performance Marketing Daily Editions for April 2021
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, April 30, 2021
Back To (Brick-And-Mortar) School -- Time To Rethink Strategies
Amazon's Ad Business Nears $7B In Quarter As It Readies Digital NewFronts Debut
Marketers Ready For Automation In Branding
OpenWeb Integrates With LiveRamp To Focus On Conversations
Acxiom Forms Integration With Google Cloud
Buy-Type Data Reveals Network Ad Recovery, Unit Rates Rebounding Too
Roku/YouTube TV Contract Expires, But Roku Continues Access For Existing Subscribers
Florida Senate Passes Privacy Bill
Warning: Digital Advertising Rant (Because It Makes Me Feel Better)
Apple App Store Breaks Competition Rules, EU Says
Gmail Often Confuses Paid Newsletters And Marketing Emails, But There's a Workaround
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, April 29, 2021
Apple Drives Billions In Revenue Through Content
Facebook Digs Deeper Into Commerce To Navigate Apple's Privacy Changes
Healthcare Brands -- Time Has Come To Understand Impact Of SEO, Paid Ads
ANA Blasts 'Mind-Numbing' Programmatic Marketplace, Announces RFP To Study It
Prospective Adobe Tool Will 'Read' Content To Measure Style Impact
Rapport Goes 'Live,' Makes Digital Out-of-Home Campaign Reporting Real-Time
Guess What Marketers Are Searching For (You Guessed It - 'Search')
Verizon May Sell Its Media Assets
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, April 28, 2021
Yelp, Zillow Analyze Digital Nomads
Microsoft's LinkedIn Reports $3 Billion In Ad Revenue For Past Year
Premium Programmatic Will Rise As Cookies Crumble, Data From FatTail Suggests
Google Sees Consumers Post 67% Of Reviews
How COVID-19 Vaccines Are Shaping Consumer Behavior, Travel Trends
Google Sued For Allegedly Exposing COVID-19-Related Data
A Cookie By Any Other Name Is Still A Cookie -- Even If It's An Apple
OpenAP Introduces 'OpenID,' New Identifier For Linear TV/Digital Advertising
Gmail User Asks Google CEO For Help With Resetting Password
What Apple's New Privacy Rules Mean For Gmail
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, April 27, 2021
Mother's Day: Average Order Size, Mobile Search Share May Surprise Marketers
Google To Fix Issue That Allowed Other Apps To Access COVID-19 Contact-Tracing Data
Google, Univision Partnership Example Of Accelerated, Sustainable Growth For Everything Digital
Alphabet Revenue Soars Based On Google Advertising Sales
A Cookie-less Future: How Marketers Can Prepare
Consumers Say Digital Video, CTV Ads Influence Travel Decisions
Using CRM To Optimize Media, Abate Privacy Concerns
WPP Merges GroupM, WT Data Units To Form New Data Consultancy
Gains In Digital Publishing Revenue Signal Recovery For UK
Web Developer Buys Google Domain Name
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, April 26, 2021
Rakuten Advertising Looks Past Apple Privacy Changes To Thriving Business
Mother's Day In-Person Plans, Travel Up From Last Year, Microsoft And Shopkick Data Show
Apple's Privacy Notification: What It Looks Like, Who Will Likely Opt In
How Apple's $430B 5-Year U.S. Investment Affects Search, Recommendations, Advertising
Google Intends To Tie Senior Exec Bonuses To ESG, Per Shareholder Letter
Internet Association Warns Against 'Disastrous Effects' Of Proposed Florida Privacy Law
FMCG Ad Spending Expanding, But Not So Fast
Roku May Lose YouTube TV, Accuses Google Of Anticompetitive Behavior
Amazon Must Face Children's Privacy Claims Over Voiceprint Collection
Google And Microsoft Indian-Born CEOs Donate Resources For Country To Tackle COVID-19
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, April 23, 2021
1 In 5 Fake Ecommerce Listings Come From 3% Of Sellers
Ad World Shaken By Onslaught Of Universal IDs As It Prepares To Give Up Cookies
Zillow's Site Traffic Rises As Advertising Declines
Microsoft Launches Facebook Import Tool
Facebook Tests Topic Targeting For In-Stream Video Ads, Sticker Ads, Instagram Reels Ads
Apple's Privacy Changes Worry Publishers
Fix Your Algorithmic Racism, Or Face The FTC
After Strong 2H 2020, Q1 Sports Ad Spend Down 28% YoY
COVID-19 Sparked New Wave of CPG Innovation
Media Buyers Are Upping Digital Video's 2021 Budget Share, But Also Linear's
Apple AirDrop Leaks Data
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, April 22, 2021
Apple Confirms IDFA To Roll Out Monday; The Weather Company CEO Provides Advice
Microsoft Launches Video Ads, Video Extensions, Facebook Adds Topic Targeting
Apple To Boost Ad Business With Focus On Privacy
HUMAN, Google, Roku Squash CTV Botnet After It Impersonates Billions Of Ad Requests
IAB: Ad 'Confidence' Has Surged, Less Frequent Reviews Of Budgets
Apple Launches Premium Podcast Program
Kantar To Acquire Chicago-Based Numerator For $1.5 Billion
'Word of Mouth' Generating More Marketer Buzz
Hispanic Population, Spending Power Growth Require Increased Marketing Budgets
Google Offers New Gmail For Web
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, April 21, 2021
Record Number Of New Businesses Opening, As Many Turn Hobbies Into Companies
Microsoft Announces Parakeet For Privacy Controls, Bing API For Private Search
Walmart Contributes To Search Ad Spend Rise To $61.69B In 2020
DoubleVerify CEO Zagorski Takes Company Public
Google SEO Experts Challenging 'The Daily Mail' And Other Publishers
Verizon Media Posts Another Strong Quarter, Fios Video Records Subscriber Losses
Ad Execs: Paid Content/Influencers Now The Biggest Share Of Digital Budgets
IPG Mediabrands Finds Social Is The Most 'Difficult' Medium For Persons With Disabilities
An Advertiser Playbook For The Rise Of Streaming
Google Photos Receives An Update
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, April 20, 2021
Google's User Experience: Most Websites Fail To Meet Requirements
YouTube Select Sponsorships Announced To Focus On Seasonal Events
Google Tests Ad Relevance Survey In Gmail Desktop
'Daily Mail' Sues Google, Alleging Publishers Get Punished If They Don't Sell Enough Ads
WordPress Weighs Disabling Google's Browser-Based Targeting Code
GARM Aggregates Platform 'Transparency Reports,' Finds More Action Taken
U.S. Ad Market Turns In Best March Ever: Up 25% Vs. 2020, 7% Vs. 2019
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, April 19, 2021
Google Details Timeline For Changes To How It Ranks Results
Nextdoor To Serve Up Anti-Racism Notification, Become Gatekeeper Of Language
Senator's Bill Would 'Bust Up' Amazon, Google, Others
Making Science Enters U.S. Market With Acquisition Of 360 Conversion Analytics
Google's Privacy Walled Garden Will Help Services Like Stirista ID Graph Thrive
CTV 'Viewability' Beats All Other Digital Video, Lags Linear TV
FreeWheel Narrows The Addressable Linear/Digital Divide
Video Streaming Churn Up 85%, Gen Z Prefers Games Over TV And Movies
IAS: Adult Content, Hate Speech Drove Higher Levels Of Brand Risk During Second Half Of 2020
Account-Based Marketing Platform Offers Chat, Email Data Sets to Make Up For Loss Of Cookies
Big Tech Drives Recent Privacy Laws: Why Consumers Should Be Suspicious
Google To Set A First-Party Cookie Through Google Site Tag
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