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Thursday, August 16, 2012
  • Roger Federer Touts Mercedes-Benz GL-Class

    Before hitting the airwaves during U.S. Open coverage on CBS on Aug. 27, the company has been leveraging the relationship for months on its … Read the whole story

  • Olympics Earns More Social Buzz Than Biggest TV Events

    NBC says the London Olympics telecasts were more social than the 2012 Super Bowl, 2012 Grammys, 2012 Oscars, 2012 Golden Globes, and all seven … Read the whole story

  • Lunchables Teams Online Prizes, Mall Game Kiosks

    Kraft Foods' Lunchables has launched an integrated "Never Be Bored Again" campaign that includes multiple kid-oriented elements, including an instant-win game, free game kiosks … Read the whole story

  • Calvin Klein Shifts To Digital For Bra Launch

    The black-and-white video, shot by Steven Klein, is expected to get 575 million impressions, and will begin appearing on YouTube next month. (The company … Read the whole story

  • Share And Share, But Not Alike

    According to the e-tailing group and MyBuys, in a joint online survey, consumers are more comfortable sharing data with retailers than they are with … Read the whole story

  • Can Female Programmers Crack The Creepiness Of Friend Finder App?

    It is an interesting and always contested proposition that gender bias gets built into some media and technology. And it begs the question -- … Read the whole story

  • Who Came in First in the Olympic Games of Social Marketing? A Recap

    Since the summer of 2008 there has been explosive growth across the entire social media landscape with Facebook growing from approximately 100 million users … Read the whole story