• Britvic New Strategy To Appeal To More Adults
    Britvic is looking to bring in new consumers across its categories by making a play in adult drinks as it looks to "matter to more people" and become a leader in all demographics. The company will launch French brand Teisseire in the UK in February, a premium syrup that can be added to water, alcohol or coffee. The company will also launch J20 Spritz in March, a sparkling version of the popular J20 brand. Britvic will also look at making its Purdeys and Am brands more available and visible.
  • BuzzFeed Hires Journalist For LGBT Stories
    BuzzFeed UK has appointed an editor to cover lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) stories. The appointment of Patrick Strudwick, who is currently a national newspaper freelance, comes after the Web site recently appointed investigations and culture editors in the UK. After starting with an editorial staff of three in London in March 2013, BuzzFeed now employs nearly 50 UK staff, including 30 journalists. The UK site claims to attract 20m monthly unique visitors, with 75 percent coming via social media.
  • Amazon Was The Clear Winner Over Christmas For Entertainment
    Data from Kantar Worldpanel shows Amazon raked in GBP1 of every GBP4 spent in the run-up to Christmas on entertainment, beating all competitors. It was also boosted by what Kantar described as a "record" year for online shopping in the sector, where 39% of all transactions were online. Tesco followed in second place with 14.6% of the share. HMV followed with 13.9%. Game Group saw the biggest sales increase over the year, 1.4% higher than the previous year. Meanwhile, sales at Asda plummeted 3.4%.
  • Media Execs And New Media Stars Join Debrett's Influential List
    Jon Claydon, Rita Clifton, Karen Blackett and Sarah Warby are among the advertising, media and marketing names to make it into Debrett's list of the most influential people in the UK. The executives are joined by new media stars such as PewDiePie's Felix Kjellberg, Zoella, Alfie Deyes and Jamal Edwards in the annual Debrett's list of the 500 most influential people in the country. WPP chief executive Sir Martin Sorrell is predictably on the list, in addition to the director Sir Alan Parker.
  • Apple Sold More Phones In China Last Year Than US
    Apple is set to make the landmark announcement that it shifted more iPhones in China than the U.S. in 2014. Analysts predict that 2014 saw the California-based firm shift more units in China than its native U.S., following it reaching an agreement with China Mobile, to launch the iPhone 6 in October, according to the "Financial Times." Apple's increasing presence in the region challenges China's native smartphone firm Xiaomi, which last year toppled Samsung as China's most popular smartphone brand.
  • Asos To Continue With Snapchat Ad Pilot Despite Lack Of Data
    Asos has admitted that despite the scarcity of engagement data available from Snapchat it will continue to use the messaging app to reach its much heralded core user base of teenage consumers. The revelation highlights concerns among advertisers that the cost of the platform's ads, reportedly $750,000, is overpriced given their lack of granularity. Asos is not thought to have paid for ads on the site yet. Hannah Craik, social media head at Asos, told The Drum that Snapchat provides "virtually no data at all."
  • Pinterest Adds Gender Filters To Appeal To Male Users And Advertisers
    Pinterest has announced that it has improved its "guided search" to allow men and women to access gender-based pages, as the social platform looks to increase its appeal to men and its attractiveness to advertisers. The brand announced that its latest improvements would allow users to search using a gender filter. This means if a user looks for items such as a watch, they can now look at men or women's options specifically. According to a Global Web Index social report, 80% of Pinterest users were female by May 2014.
  • Warc Slightly Downgrades 2015 Ad Growth Prediction
    Growth in global advertising expenditure is projected to slow to 5.1 percent this year, following an estimated rise of 5.3 percent in January, according to the latest Consensus Ad Forecast from Warc. The firm found that India was to see an 11 percent year-on-year increase in ad spending in 2015. This was followed by China (10.3), Brazil (7.1) and the UK (5.7) with the U.S. coming sixth with a growth of only 3.5 percent. France will perform the most poorly, set to lose 0.1 percent of spending this year.
  • Controversial Suarez Tops Bill In Adidas' Latest Campaign
    The Barcelona and Uruguay striker lines up in an ad also featuring Gareth Bale and James Rodrguez. Even his fiercest detractors have to admit that Luis Surez is one hell of a footballer. The bitey Uruguayan's seesawing contrition has done little to rehabilitate his image, but he's still box office as far as Adidas are concerned -- and this playful film turns his bad boy image into a positive as he takes his place in a lineup that also includes Gareth Bale, James Rodriguez and Karim Benzema.
  • No Waterstones Deal For Blinkbox Books, But Music Arm Sold To Australia
    Tesco has failed to reach an agreement with Waterstones for the sale of Blinkbox Books, despite entering a period of exclusive talks, which will result in the closure of the e-book business in the coming weeks. Tesco managed to sell its movie business to TalkTalk for an estimated GBP25m, while its music arm was sold yesterday to Guvera for an undisclosed sum. A spokesperson told The Drum that the talks with Waterstones had "failed to reach a positive outcome" but declined to go into the specific financial terms.
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