• Channel 4 Happy To Remain Public, Unhappy With Relocation Call
    Channel 4 will not be privatised, but most relocate outside London. "The Independent" reports the broadcaster's joy at not being sold off that is tinged with dissatisfaction over the proposed move out of the capital, which it claims could be damaging to its business model.
  • Experian To Review Creative And Media Accounts
    Experian has called a review of its advertising and media accounts, "Campaign" reports. It puts London agencies BBH and PHD on alert. Oystercatchers is running the process.
  • Sky Was UK's Top Ad Spender In 2016, P&G Spend Was Up 28%, Unilever Down By A Quarter
    Sky has retained its position at the UK's top-spending advertiser, according to Nielsen figures for 2016 reported by Campaign today. It increased its spend to GBP237m, up 18%. P&G retained second spot with BT in third, despite a 2% drop in budget. Unilever, it is reported, reduced its ad spend by almost a quarter.
  • YouTube Boycott Nets Broadcasters A Million Pounds Extra Per Week
    The Google boycott over brand safety is apparently having a very beneficial impact on broadcaster video-on-demand ad sales, according to Campaign. It estimates three unnamed broadcasters are receiving an extra million pounds of revenue per week, as a result of budget being switched from YouTube.
  • Advertisers Hold London Talks With Google
    ISBA, the voice of British advertisers, has led a delegation of twenty British brands that met with Google in London yesterday, Campaign reports. Insiders claimed the meeting was both "constructive" and "challenging."
  • Jack Dorsey In London To Offer British SMEs A 'Square' Deal
    Jack Dorsey was in in London promoting his other business, Square, "The Times" reports. The small credit card reader is designed for SMEs who don't currently take card payments because of the high monthly cost charged by banks for readers. His Square box costs GBP39 to buy. A commission of 1.75% (in person) and 2.5% (online) is levied on transactions.
  • How The Papers Reacted To The UK Entering The EU, And Leaving
    "The Guardian" covers today how the UK's papers reacted to the country entering what was to become the EU, compared to how they are greeting today's triggering of Article 50.
  • Facebook Launches Snapchat-Style Effects
    Facebook is taking a leaf out of Snapchat's book with a new feature that allow users to add effects to images and videos, the BBC reports.
  • Twitter Considers Pre-Roll Advertising On Periscope
    Twitter is considering monetising its live video service, Periscope, with pre-roll advertising, The Drum reveals.
  • Donald Trump Under Pressure To Force WhatsApp To Reveal London Attacker's Final Message
    Donald Trump is being urged by British MPs to force Facebook-owned What's App to reveal the final message sent by the man by the London Attack, Adrian Ajao. He sent an encrypted message just three minutes being the attack began. Home Secretary Amber Rudd has expressed her dismay Facebook will not allow the police to read his last words, which may shed light on the atrocity.
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