• Sorrell Comments On Departing Non-Exec Could Upset WPP Board
    Sky News is reporting on comments made by Sir Martin Sorrell which it believes are bound to upset WPP. Sorrell is reported as being "saddened and disturbed" at the resignation of Hugo Shong as a non-executive director who was appointed to WPP's board five years ago due to extensive contacts and business interests in China.
  • 'The Guardian' Proves Fraudsters Target Video And Ads.txt Works
    According to eMarketer a recent test carried out by "The Guardian" showed that not only does that ads.txt system work, but fraudsters are targetting video. With ads.txt initiated the news site found all ads sold on its behalf were served on its site. However, with no ads.txt in place 72% of spend went to unauthorised programmatic sellers.
  • Facebook Drops To Fifth Place In YouGov BrandIndex
    The Cambridge Analytica scandal is reflected in the latest YouGov BrandIndex for the first half of the year. "Campaign" reveals that although Google remains in first place, Facebook has been demoted two spots to fifth position.
  • $1m Per Post -- Kylie Jenner Is Instagram's Best-Paid Influencer
    Kylie Jenner has been named the top paid Instagram influencer commanding a staggering $1m per post, according to Instagram 'scheduler' HooperHQ. A list of the top ten in Netimperative sees Kylie one spot ahead of Selena Gomez, with Cristiano Ronaldo in third place.
  • Young Consumers Want Brands To Stand For Something
    More than half of 16- to-24-year-olds expect a brand to stand for something, rather than just sell goods, according to research from Channel 4. An additional 60% will respond to an ad if it has an important message, "Campaign" reveals.
  • Agencies Think Brands Are Unaware Of Strains They Place On Agency Work Culture
    Two in three marketers believe they think brands are not aware how their demands impact agency working culture, new research shows. However, the same research from CreativeBrief shows that nearly nine in ten brands believe they do take this in to account, "Campaign" reveals.
  • Guardian's Digital Revenues Overtake Print For The First Time
    The Guardian Media Group has revealed that in the past year, for the first time, digital revenues exceeded print and events, "The Guardian" reveals. The Guardian and Observer brought in digital revenues of GBP108.6m in the year, up to April, and GBP107.5m from print and events
  • World Cup And 'Love Island' Fuel Revenue Growth At ITV
    The first half of 2018 has seen revenue grow 8% for ITV, fuelled by the World Cup and the reality show "Love Island," which have seen advertising revenues leap 22% in June, "The Guardian" writes.
  • London Black Cab Drivers May Sue Uber For A Billion Pounds
    London's black cab drivers' association, the LTDA, has engaged a top law firm to discuss the viability of suing Uber for more than a billion pounds worth of lost income, Sky News reports.
  • Facebook And Instagram Achieve Gold Standard
    Facebook and Instagram have been awarded the IAB UK's Gold Standard, "Mobile Marketing" reports. This means they have adopted ads.txt, implemented brand safety features and cut out ad formats that are deemed intrusive.
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