• Sky's Fate To Be Decided By Auction On Saturday
    Fox and Comcast are all set for a three-round auction on Saturday to decide who will own Sky, City AM writes. It is possible that the future owner could be decided before the action, but it would need one side to either pull out or submit a final offer. On Saturday, Fox will be first allowed to raise its offer and then Comcast will be allowed to respond. A third round will then win control of Sky.
  • Equifax Fined GBP500k For Data Breach
    Equifax has been fined GBP500,000 by the ICO over a 2017 data breach which impacted 700,000 Britons. The BBC says the credit rating agency had originally claimed 400,000 Britons had their personal financial information compromised, but the number was found to be considerably higher once the hacking case was investigated.
  • Eye-Tracking Digital Outdoor Ads Launched at City Airport
    Deloitte Digital claims to have launched the country's first digital outdoor screens that can use eye-tracking technology to see who is engaging with the message and which parts of the screen they are focussing on. The first ads running the new technology are already appearing at London City Airport, "Campaign" reports.
  • EU To Probe Amazon In New Potential Anti-Trust Case
    The EU competition watchdog has announced it will look into whether Amazon abuses its power of being a host to third-party retailers as well as a competitor, "The Drum" reports.
  • Tesco Launches New Discount Store, Asda And Sainsbury's Merger Investigated
    As the Sainsbury's and Asda merger is put under an investigation by the competition watchdog, "Sky News" is reporting that Tesco will open its first cut-price store. Named Jack's, after the founder of the supermarket, the low price, no-thrills stores will compete directly with discounters, Aldi and Lidl.
  • Mastercard Signs ESports Deal
    The rise of eSports is confirmed today with news in "The Drum" that Mastercard has signed a sponsorship deal with one of the niche's most popular events, League of Legends.
  • Is Ofcom About To Regulate The Tech Giants?
    "Press Gazette" is forecasting that a speech tonight by Ofcom head Sharon White will call for tougher regulation on the tech giants so they are effectively treated as broadcasters. This would include large fines for not meeting standards, such as allowing offensive material within a set time frame.
  • Kinder App, Sites And YouTube Channel Banned By ASA
    Websites, an app and a YouTube channel for Kinder have been banned by the ASA for advertising junk food to children, "The Guardian" reports.
  • Tech Giants May Be Given One Hour To Deadline On Extremist Content
    European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker is suggesting the trading bloc agree on large fines for online platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, if extremist content is not taken down within an hour, "The Telegraph" reports.
  • Unilever Move To The Netherlands Faces Shareholder Revolt
    Unilever's move to the Netherlands has not gone down well with the British public and now the FMCG giant is facing a major shareholder revolt over the switch, "The Times" reports.
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