• IAB Tech Lab Launches New GDPR Guidance
    IAB Tech Lab has launched a new set of guidelines for GDPR compliance a year after the Regulation became law. Netimperative reports that the guidance is open for public consultation until May 25th.
  • Behind The Scenes At Facebook's Moderation Centre
    "The Telegraph" has an interesting report from behind the scenes at Facebook among the team that decides what can and cannot be published, such as the opening question of whether female nipples should be allowed if it is part of a tribe's native dress.
  • Samaritans To Assist Tech Giants In Reducing Harmful Content
    "The Guardian" reveals the Government is today launching a campaign that will see experts at the Samaritans working alongside Facebook, Snapchat and Google on a new panel designed to reduce harmful content.
  • Agencies Look To Parental Leave Neutrality To Boost Diversity
    If diversity is to be achieved, "Marketing Week" believes parental leave needs to be gender neutral. The magazine has been talking to brands and agencies trying to ensure that baby care responsibilities are not always presumed to be wholly ascribed to mothers.
  • WPP Revenues Dip 2.8%
    WPP's first-quarter earnings show a like-for-like drop in revenue of 2.8%, according to "The Drum." The sales dip was attributed to the loss of major clients in the US, most notably Ford, American Express and United Airlines.
  • Amazon Advertising Growth Dips, Still Running At 36%
    There are probably worse problems to have, but "The Drum" is reporting that the latest figures from Amazon show growth at its advertising business has slowed down to a mere 36%, down from around 60% in previous quarters.
  • E.ON Calls European Ad Agency Review
    "Campaign" reveals that energy company, E.ON has been holding chemistry meetings in London as part of a European review of its above- and below-the-line advertising agency requirements. The review is being run from its HQ in Germany.
  • BBC Wants To Stream For A Year To Take On Netflix
    "The Guardian" reveals that the BBC is admitting it is "hamstrung" in the battle with Netflix by regulation that only allows it to stream entertainment for up to a month after original broadcast. The corporation is asking for the time limit to be increased to a year.
  • Facebook Blocks Fake News Accounts Ahead Of Spanish Election
    Facebook has taken down accounts linked to spreading fake news for the far right ahead of Sunday's general election in which, "The Guardian" reveals, there is deep concern of a rise in votes for the far right Vox party. The deleted accounts were believed to be reaching 1.7m people.
  • CA Investigation In Canada Says Facebook Must Change Its Ways
    The fallout from the Cambridge Analytica scandal has spread to Canada, whose Privacy Commissioner has published a damning report on the social media giant allowing personal information of 600,000 of its citizens to be illegally accessed. "The Guardian" reveals the Commissioner is considering forcing the social media giant to change its practices.
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