• Researcher Says OTT Viewers Want Their YouTube
    Adding the content is something MVPDs should consider because it will not only make subscribers happy but will also put a dent into competing OTT services, said Parks Associates President Stuart Sikes.
  • Are You the Person Who Clicks on Ads?
    It's a tongue-in-cheek headline,  but a story with some interesting stats about online video viewership and a lively discussion from Readwrite.com readers.  
  • How Much of an Encoder Does Your Business Really Need?
    If you’re creating video for online use, mastering encoding will ensure that your viewers see the best possible results. But do you need a desktop or enterprise encoder?  
  • Just A Taste, Please: Crackle Says Its Mobile Users 'Snack' on Video
    Philip Lynch, SVP of digital networks and games for Sony Pictures Television, described Crackle's mobile users as interested in video "snacks" of up to half an hour in length. He said the site's mobile users will often pause a video and then resume watching it several days later.
  • Is Online Video Delivering on Its Promise?
    Not at alll, says this story. It still can't get decent ad rates despite significant viewership.
  • Hulu Seen Getting Stronger
    Despite some discouraging words in recent months, many believe Hulu is in a uniquely strong competitive spot. 
  • Will Congress Pass Bill Allowing Tax on Internet Purchases?
    Seb.  Ben Cardin tells a Maryland newspaper taxing the Internet is likely, giving Maryland, for example, money from the "information superhighway" to rebuild its regular old highways. 
  • Coke Says Social Media Doesn't Sell Much Cola
    The statement means something because of who's making it.
  • Q1 and AdExcite Plan a Merger
    The news comes at a transitional time for online advertising: evidence suggests that while viewing of online video ads is up, the prices that individual spots command are declining. At the same time, the overall volume of online video ad inventory is expanding.
  • See the Videos That Media Bistro Says Makes This Guy a Vine Master
    Examples of some incredible things that can be done with six seconds of video.
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