• Rise Of The 'Super Viewer'
    comScore has identified certain viewers who have a massive cross-platform interest in some topics -- cooking, news, sports -- that keeps them hopping from source to source to get more.
  • Old Ads Find New Life On YouTube, Not On Facebook
    Research from video content advertising firm Visible Measures says brands enjoy a ripple effect when they share a new video on YouTube that drives views of the brands’ older videos. That doesn't happen with Facebook. 
  • Yahoo's Mayer Says, Make Better Ads And Blockers Will Go Away
    “I really believe that commercials and ads make content better,” CEO Marissa Mayer says at an Advertising Week event.
  • Netflix Buys Rights To 'Jane The Virgin,' Two Others
    It also snaps up "Zoo" from CBS and "Colony" from USA/Legendary, as some continue to question whether commercial networks are selling off their gold unwisely.
  • Porn Industry: Hard to Make A Buck
    With most porn on the internet now free and easy to find, the number of adult sites, and traffic to them, have exploded. The web boasts an estimated 700m-800m individual porn pages, three-fifths in America. But performers are paid much less than they used to be, and it's a tough business to make a buck. 
  • Awesomeness Launches Marketing Arm
    AwesomenessTV, has tapped Margaret Czeisler to lead Wildness as chief strategy officer. She was recently a global vice president at the digital agency Razorfish.
  • Digging Deep Into Fake Ad Views By Bots
    This deep dive into the subject by Bloomberg Business shows how some sites are aware of it and don't care--or even defend dubious ad practices. Some big advertisers are pulling away from online advertsing
  • How Should News Media Deal With Violent Images
    ISIS beheadings and the murder of two Virginia journalists make some wonder if social media and traditional journalistic outlets are making the right decisions about what to show, and why.
  • Roku 4 May Be Unveiled Any Day Now
    A leaked ad seems to indicate Roku will likely announce the Roku 4 within the next week, specifically on or before Thursday, October 1. It’s likely the Roku 4 and other hardware revisions will appear on Roku’s retail site first, then be distributed to retailers like Amazon and Best Buy. With Amazon announcing Ultra HD support on the new Fire TV, 4K streaming on one or more of the new Roku boxes is a definite possibility. 
  • Netflix Keeps Track Of How You Get Hooked
    Fast Company says Netflix keeps track of how its viewers watch series, and when they reach the tipping point that means they're going to stick with it--or binge on it.
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