• AOL's Top Video Exec Is Leaving
    Dermot McCormack, who was named president of AOL’s video operations last October, will  leave the company. Programming decisions have become more decentralized, a process that seems to have started just as he showed up.
  • Now DraftKings Lets You Pick An Online Gaming Team
    Beginning next month, DraftKings is adding competitive video gaming — commonly referred to as eSports — to its list of fantasy offerings. That means you can draft a team of professional gamers and compete head to head or in a group against others online for real money, the same way you can compete on the site in more traditional fantasy sports like football and baseball.
  • How Big TV Producers Are Responding To Netflix
    The future is in SVOD seems to be the way Fox and Time Warner see it. They are figuring out that selling shows to Neflix mainly helps Netflix
  • In Cuba, Content Comes From 'The Package'
    A fascinating video about how Cuba -- where essentially nobody has the Internet -- collects video, from the U.S. and other places onto thumb drives and efficiently and illegally circulates it around the island nation. It's called "The Package" and it costs $2 a week.
  • IAB's Rothenberg On Ad Blocking: 'The Sky Hasn't Fallen'
    In a Q&A, Randall Rothenberg, chief executive of the IAB says,  "Without minimizing the fact that there’s a problem, this is following the pattern we’ve seen for every crisis du Jour in our industry over the past 10 years. You have well-funded vendors come in with lots of money, marketing their solutions to a problem that has actually been there for years, and the marketing money finds its way into PR and the media. The sky hasn’t fallen.
  • Mamrie Hart, Grace Helbig To Headline StreamCon NYC
    Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart, as well as Joey GraceffaiJustineConnor Franta, and GloZell, will join the Stream Con lineup of attending talent. Tubefilter sponsors StreamCon NYC  
  • 'Good Mythical Morning,' 'fouseyTUBE,' Mamrie Hart, Shawn Mendes Win Streamys
    The Streamy Awards, aired for the first time on television, happened last night, with lots of winners, which also included PewDiePie and "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," James Van Der Beek and "Video Game High School." 
  • ABC News Drifts Toward Virtual Reality
    Timed  to coincide with a story on “Nightline” last night, ABC released a special 360-degree video companion piece, intended to be viewed on a mobile phone with a Google Cardboard-style headset. More to come, ABC says 
  • As Online Video Grows, Choosing Right Provider Gets Tough
    The Verge took a little taste test to determine--subjectively, but with some clear criteria--which offered the best content  for the price.  You'll probably not be surprised by the choice. --
  • Surprise! Vlogging Sells Fashion, Says StyleHaul Study
    A Very Exclusive and StyleHaul case study suggests vlogging really moves products. The premium fashion and beauty etailer partnered with content creator platform StyleHaul for its January launch to promote the etailer’s spring and summer collections, focusing on the seasons’ must haves.
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