• China Online Video Site Acquires 33 American Off-Net Series
    Among the titles picked up by the leading Chinese online video outlet:"Modern Family," "2 Broke Girls," "Cougar Town," "The Vampire Diaries," "Pretty Little Liars," "Revenge" and 27 other popular shows. American TV is the site's fastest growing genre. 
  • See If You Can Find Stephen's Colbert Subtle Product Promo
    Really, this is just an excuse for a Colbert video about what scientists have "discovered" about what Facebook "likes" say about you.
  • A Guide to What Will and Won't Happen at TV's Upfronts
    "TV networks can only hope Apple, Verizon and their cohorts continue to spend,' says Variety, in its analysis of TV's upcoming market.
  • Talk About Targeted Streaming Video! Urinal Games Get Exposure at Minor League Ballpark
    Allentown (Pa.) Morning Call details "pee to play" video game a minor league team will unveil at the ballpark's men's rooms, sponsored by a hospital's urology specialty care unit, of course.
  • U.S. Music Sales Gets By With a Little (Whole Lotta) Help from Streaming
    It is the first time the RIAA has reported revenue from ad-supported models like Spotify’s free service, YouTube, and Vevo; a good thing considering that they made up 15% of the American music industry’s total revenue.
  • Spotify Shouldn't Become Netflix
    Motley Fool doubts a report that says music site Spotify is contemplating going into the video business.  
  • Report Predicts a Looming OTT Battle of Content Providers
    The Internet will become a battleground between a new breed of online video service delivery players and the old line guard of wireline telcos and cable operators, an Informa Telecoms & Media report, "Internet Innovation," contends.
  • Spotify Mulls Entering the Video Content Business
    It would twin its music roots with a Netflix and HBO-like menu of video content, including original content, according to two sources briefed on the concept.
  • Hulu Looking at Potential Buyers?
    Reuters is reporting that Walt Disney Co. and News Corp. are looking for buyers for the Web site. The two media companies have for years pondered what to do with the service that now has more than 3 million subscribers to its premium service and last year generated revenue of about $700 million.
  • Brands Need to Know What They Want from Online Advertising
    One reason marketing efforts are so fragmented is because marketers haven’t yet decided what online success looks like when dealing with social TV.  
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