• What Peter Funt Learned From YouTube
    Peter Funt, producer of the new "Candid Camera" (his dad did the original) explains all he didn't learn from YouTube about working in a new baseball glove.  
  • HBO Now Is Coming To Google Play And Chromecast Soon
    HBO Now, the premium cable programmer’s standalone streaming service, will be available this summer in the Google Play store for a range of Android devices including Chromecast.The service — previously available only through Apple TV and Cablevision Systems — will be coming to Google devices in the near future
  • Bank of America Says YouTube Is Worth $70 Billion
    According to Bloomberg data, only 66 companies in the S&P 500 have a higher market value than what Bank of America's MerrillLynchg says YouTube is worth: $70 billion. And that might be conservative/ I
  • Why Washington Loves, Loves, Loves Netflix
    ...so much so that some envious broadcasters now call that powerful regulatory agency the N.C.C. Get it? 
  • Meeker Says Web Growth Is Flattening Out, But Bullish On India
    As her first “key Internet trend,” the famed venture capitalist Mary Meeker at the Code Conference Wednesda that Internet user growth is “solid, but slowing.”  Global Internet users rose 8% last year compared with growth of 10% in 2013 and 11% in 2012. Net new-user additions have remained flat at about 200 million from 2012 to 2014, her report says. But she likes what she sees in India.
  • Oculu Rift VR Headset/PC Will Cost About $1,000, Says CEO
    Consumers will spend around $1,500 -- when coupled with a PC costing less than $1,000, that is -- for the Oculus Rift headset, said Oculus VR CEO Brendan Iribe at the Code Conference.  The Rift headset uses a screen pressed against your eyes to simulate 360-degree environments. Pricing is one of the key issues clouding consumer VR headsets, though Google Cardboard is already a low-cost version.
  • British Prosecutors Go After Motorists Using Phone To Video Crash Scene
    In Great Britian, at least 15 motorists are to be prosecuted for using a mobile phone to take pictures or video of a pile-up that involved a truck carrying a big load of teddy bears that happened earlier this morning. There have been thousands of prosecutions for motorists using mobile phones while driving. It's illegal.
  • What Happens Now That Re/Code Has Been Sold?
    Vox Media, which also owns the much bigger site, The Verge, acquired Re/Code, the tech site started by Walter Mossberg and Kara Swisher. Nilay Patel, the editor in chief at The Verge talks "endless possibilities" with Re/Code now part of the family
  • The Thumb Is Going Away At Snapchat
    Founder Evan Spiegel discloses that soon, users won't have to keep their thumb on the screen to watch Snapchat videos. Once it was a technical necessity. Now is isn't.
  • Hulu Renews 'Deadbeat' For Another Season
    Suddenly programming-aggressive Hulu signs up for another season of "Deadbeat," a comedy about a medium who helps ghosts attend to their unfinished business.
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