• Marriott Hotel Starting A Red Bull-Like Channel
    Can a brand be a programmer. Well, it works for Red Bull and now Marriott plans a multi-faceted entertainment channel with its brand all over it, too. 
  • NHL And Go-Pro Make An Upclose And Personal Kind Of Video Deal
    Go-Pro cameras will be strapped on some NHL players this year, which may make for some exciting video, and wow, what promos. 
  • This Video Has Apple Bent Out Of Shape
    Two British teenagers have posted a video online which shows them going into an Apple retail store and damaging display units of the iPhone 6 Plus by bending them out of shape.
  • Comcast's Snarky Comments To FCC Are Uncharacteristic, And Possibly A Miscalculation
    The Times' David Carr says Comcast's bombastic retort to its critics was unusual for that company and might not play well as Washington contemplates the Comcast/Time Warner Cable merger
  • Watch ABC App Adds Features Making It Easier To Comment, Post Clips
    The Watch ABC app has a new feature that lets users quickly post messages or read comments on social sites while watching an ABC show on the same screen, or quickly edit clips from shows that can be posted.
  • All Hail The Wallkill Mighty Mites Football Team!
    Six and seven year old kids take to the field for the first game of their pee-wee league season. Next week in school, we bet they learn about lemmings.
  • AT&T, Amazon Prime Team Up On New Deal
    Hoping to woo cord-cutters, AT&T U-verse and Amazon Prime are offering a new, cheaper deal that gives customers fewer channels via the cable service, plus HBO and HBO Go.   
  • Conde Nast Entertainment's Non-Salacious Series About A College Girl Porn Star
    The Conde Nast Entertainment series "Becoming Belle Knox" about college-student-turned-call-girl Miriam Weeks is noteworthy because given the opportunity to make a tawdry sex series under the guise of "documentary," CNE seems to go the opposite way.   
  • YouTube Investing More Millions Into Video Stars
    It’s done it before, and it’s doing it again. YouTube is investing additional millions to support its own video stars. In a statement, Google’s video unit said it will “fund new content from some of our top creators, helping them not only fulfill their creative ambitions but also deliver new material to their millions of fans on YouTube.” As Forbes notes, “It’s not the first time YouTube has tried to create professional-level content.” Rather, “In 2011, YouTube invested in channels with Hollywood types like Sofia Vergara and Ashton Kutcher, though many of the channels were not renewed.” 
  • YouTube's Revenues Rising At 23% A Year, Says Analyst
    Nomura Equity Research  analyst Anthony DiClemente claims YouTube has the "healthiest margins in streaming video" and estimates its revenue is rising at a rate of 23% a year and could go higher. It has better margins than Google overall, he says.
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