• Instagram Being Spammed with Pictures of ....Healthy Fruits???
    Users are reporting the same types of fruit photos auto-posted and appearing in their friends’ Instagram feeds, with a similar caption under each one: “Ever seen this stuff? I guess it’s super healthy. I’m giving it a try. I saw it on Dr. Oz’s show...."
  • See You! 8 Billion Hours of Skype Calls Every Year
    In a Q&A, Lovina McMurchy, general manager of Skype Advertising discusses the “tremendous growth” of Skype since its acquisition by Microsoft in October 2011.  She says more than 300 million people use Skype every month, with 8 billion hours of calls made each year.
  • Now Amazon Searching for Short-Subject Films to Produce
    Amazon Studios has fervently searched for good scripts it can turn into web series, and the platform is now redoubling those efforts. Amazon has extended its search to include short film concept videos across all genres.
  • Tremor's IPO Bears Watching by Others in the Sector
    Tremor's IPO opened at $10 a share and fell to $8.50 at the closing bell.
  • Tremor May Be Feeling the Shock Waves from Facebook IPO
    Tremor runs an ad network that spans more than 500 sites and mobile apps, and profitability may come as more advertisers aim their budgets toward online and mobile videos. But the IPO in early trading fell below its $10 IPO, a sign of investor uncertainty about the sector.
  • New Study Says Nearly 20% of HH Get TV Over the Air
    ...And about six percent of U.S. households have cut the cord.  Close to sixty million Americans now get their TV for free off antennas.
  • Feeling OTT Pressure, Cable In A Hurry to Develop Better Set Top Boxes
    Cable operators are excited about the Reference Design Kit, or RDK--described as an open-source platform for developing on-screen channel guides and other applications for cable set-top boxes--to help them compete with online video competition.
  • How To Measure Engagement? Get Emotional
    Blogger Elke Aronson says marketers want an emotional attachment from advertising, not simply data that says the ad was seen.
  • Amazon Not Quite In Same League with Netflix, Hulu, Content-Wise
    Amazon still lags behind online video competitors Netflix  and Hulu when it comes to the amount of popular TV and movie programming it has licensed, analysts at Piper Jaffray & Co. found.
  • Intel Says Its Pay TV Service Is Still on Target
    Intel Corp. said it plans to begin selling a set-top box offering Internet-based television service this year and is confident it can obtain programming. An executive said it hopes to build a customer base on par with a satellite service like DirecTV.
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