• YouTube Adds 4K Live Stream Support
    YouTube just added support for 4K live streams. “YouTube first added support for 4K videos in 2010,” Variety notes. “Earlier this year, the video service added support for live 360-degree video broadcasts, and VR is one of the areas that could immediately benefit from the added resolution.”
  • Netflix Adds Offline Playback Option
    Netflix is finally rolling out an offline playback option. At launch, the feature only applies to select content, but that is likely to change over time. “Right now, that selection includes stuff made by Netflix, but also a lot of other random choices,” The Verge notes. “Netflix says more content will support downloads in the near future.”
  • Disney Plans Live 'Star Wars' Promo Event On Twitter
    The two companies announced a plan to show "never before seen" content related to the new "Star Wars" movie, as part of a live show set to stream Friday. It includes a Q&A with the cast from a “surprise” location. Probably not outer space. 
  • Got YouTube Live In 4K, If You Want It
    Broadcasters big and small can stream 4K live content with up to 60 fps. Users can watch 4K live streams via YouTube’s apps for smart TVs, desktop PCs and dedicated 4K streaming devices like Google’s Chromecast Ultra.
  • A Netflix Button Is Coming To TiVo Remotes
    The duo’s product agreement calls for TiVo to continue integrating Netflix into TiVo set-tops. Also TiVo remotes will get a special Netflix button. Neat!
  • Group M Imagines A Better Measured World In 2017
    Group M's new chief investment officer Lyle Schwartz tells Variety: “Maybe 2017 is the year when we can buy programs across the devices. I can tell you the technological capability could be available for next year’s upfront.”
  • Are Snapchat Spectacles Too Weird?
    ...or cool? How these things are like Google Glass and how they're something totallly different. 
  • PewDiePie Comes Home, Gets Emotional
    Swedish YouTube star PewDiePie decided to take a week off from YouTube while he filmed the second season of his YouTube Red series Scare PewDiePie in Los Angeles. Now, with that shoot wrapped, PewDiePie has returned home and returned to YouTube.  
  • India Film Unit Wins Facebook Prize
    GOA — India’s National Film Development Corporation’s annual Film Bazaar concluded Thursday with the newly instituted Facebook awards. Kanwal Sethi’s “Once Again,” a film about the relationship between a superannuated movie star played by Neeraj Kabi (“Ship of Theseus”) and a widow, portrayed by Shefali Shah (“Brothers”), won a $10,000 Facebook marketing certificate. The film played at the Bazaar’s Work in Progress lab.
  • AT&T/DirecTV Service Ready To Roll, Absent CBS
    Aimed at would-be cable customers, DirecTV Now is a package of more than 100 live channels delivered over the internet for $35 a month. AT&T, which has delayed the launch for more than a year as it hammered out deals for streaming rights, will offer channels from NBCUniversal, Fox, Disney, Turner and others. But the company is unlikely to reach a financial agreement with CBS before its planned introduction, according to Bloomberg sources
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