• Video Oreo Lickers Have Some 'Splaining To Do In UK, Ad Standards Board Says
    The United Kingdom's Advertising Standards Authority says YouTube video bloggers are going to have to make it clear that they are engaged in paid-for product advertising on their clips.That is the conclusion after five YouTube videos showing challengers in a race to lick the white center off their Oreo cookies didn't disclose the lickers had been paid to do it.
  • Taylor Swiftly Leaves Her Mark On YouTube
    Earlier in November, Taylor Swift removed her songs from Spotify, and since then her views on YouTube have nearly doubled.
  • Time Inc Jumps Head First Into Branded Video
    Time Inc.’s repositioning as a multi-platform media company means the publisher of titles has been putting an increased emphasis on fostering cross-brand collaborations.
  • Some Second Thoughts On Wall Street As Netflix Sub Growth Slows Down
    Netflix hares dipped as much as 3.5% Tuesday, after Wall Street firm Stifel downgraded the company’s stock based on uncertainty about the subscription-video leader’s U.S. growth trajectory.Netflix missed its most recent subscription projection.
  • British Vlogger Zoella: A YouTube Star Is Born
    With six million subscribers, perky happy Zoella entertains her followers by always, always being perky and happy. Her yet-to-be released book is near the top of Amazon's pre-order list. Teen girls adore her. All in all, says this nicely written profile in the Daily Mail, "She's possibly the closest a human being has ever come to being a basket of kittens."
  • Hurray? Hulu Will Show The Remaining Episodes Of Failed 'Selfie'
    ABC cancelled the sitcom but didn't show all the episodes it had in the can because the series was thinly viewed. Now its miscalculation of mass appeal is yours to savor!
  • After Some Weed, Try Pine Bros. Cough Drops
    Explaining in a new video as he speaks in a smoky room, Waka Flocka Flame's says he uses Pine Bros. cough drops whenever he gets a sore throat. 
  • Re/Code Says ESPN Will Sell Streaming Subs For Cricket
    ESPN’s efforts to sell streaming video subscriptions for some sports programming — without requiring viewers to pay for cable TV – could start early next year, with cricket matches.
  • Will Amazon Eventually Offer Ad Supported Streaming?
    While it is true that an announcement is yet to be made, Amazon has not ruled out either the possibility to offer the service in the long run. Apart from having the goal to increase Amazon's relevance against its rivals, the move will definitely bring in a host of benefits and advantages.
  • Start-up Pluto.TV Gets A $13 Million Shot In The Arm
    Pluto.tv, a start-up, just announced it’s received $13 million worth of investment in a series A led by U.S. Venture Partners. The Los Angeles-based online video platform intends to spend the cash on growing the company, including hiring more engineers.
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