• YouTube Will Do Year Two Of Music Awards, But Not Live
     YouTube will bring back its music awards the next March and Vice Media will produce it, but it won't be streamed live.
  • Meeting Of Minds: Netflix's Hastings Invites TV And Tech Bigs To Chat
    The Netflix CEO has invited many of the top executives in the TV and film world, along with some representatives from hardware and Internet companies, to a gathering at a Utah resort next month. 
  • Netflix Picks Up Another Season Of 'Longmire' After A&E Canceled It
    A 10-episode fourth season of "Longmire" will premiere next year in 2015. The news comes less than three months after its cancellation by A&E prompted an outpouring of fan support.
  • Washington Post Putting Out 2 New Daily 'Editions' For Amazon Fire Tablet Users
    Jeff Bezos is offering a new tablet app to Amazon Fire owners, so they can access a daily special news package from The Washington Post, which he bought in 2013. The Post editions will arrive at 5 a.m and 5 p.m daily. It's free for now.
  • Netflix, NBC Pull Back From Cosby Plans
    NBC won't pursue a new Bill Cosby sitcom and Netflix has postponed a Cosby special concert that was supposed to begin on Friday night. (CBS News also said TVLand has pulled "Cosby Show" reruns.)
  • YouTube Faces "Defiance" Charges For Not Removing Popular Songs
    YouTube appears to be risking “defiance” by not immediately removing songs by The Eagles, Pharrell Williams and other musicians. “Last week, just as YouTube announced the launch of a subscription service called Music Key, music industry heavyweight Irving Azoff was sounding the alarm that YouTube hadn't completed all of the licensing necessary,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. “YouTube may have made deals with record labels, but to publicly perform songs, the company also has to take care of songwriters.” 
  • Yahoo Starts Flurry-ous Push Of Mobile Video Ads
    Yahoo bought Flurry four months ago and it's now integrating Flurry's mobile ad expertise into advertising pitches.
  • In UK Survey Sees Big Rise in Cross-Screen Ad Campaigns
    The Q3 research from Videology showed that 66% of all UK online video ad campaigns on Videology’s platform ran on more than one screen (e.g., PC and mobile), a doubling since the first quarter. Campaigns running together on PC, mobile and connected TV devices increased from 25%  in Q1 to 53% in Q3.
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 Depicts Gameplay Murder Of A Prostitute (NSFW)
    The first person mode of the new "Grand Theft Auto 5"  includes animated video of the narrator soliciting a prostitute, having sex with her in his car and then shooting her in the head. (NSFW)
  • Vimeo On Demand Snaps Up An Xbox Comedy
    "JASH Presents Rubberhead," a variety show that includes performances from Sarah Silverman, Seth Rogan and Key & Peele, was planned by Xbox Entertainment Studios for an Xbox programming effort, but Microsoft abandoned that idea in July. Now the series will be a pay-per-view project from Vimeo.
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