• Adap.TV Looking at IPO, Says Bloomberg News
    The TV and video advertising industry is worth $78 billion, according to the company’s estimates. Blomberg says in the fourth quarter of 2012, more than 8,500 campaigns ran on Adap.tv, compared with about 4,000 in the year-earlier period.
  • Amazon.com Does Whatever Is 'Justified'
    Inks pact to get replay rights to cable's "Justified," besting Netflix.
  • NBC.com Trims Its Senior Staff, Deadline.com Says
    As part of an overhaul to differentiate itself from Hulu.com, NBC.com lays off five senior staffers, says Deadline.com
  • Some Brands Say: Use Video to Form Relationships; Sell Comes Later
    It's a little bit of a two-step process, like first pushing a child's bike forward so they can learn to ride by themselves.
  • In L.A., Online Commercials for Mayoral Race Feature Big Names, Unique Testimonials
    Will Farrell says he's known Los Angeles mayoral candidate Eric Garcetti since they met in the maternity ward and swapped phone numbers when they were each one day old; claims Garcetti wrote the Olivia Newton John song, "Let's Get Physical."  Selma Hayek calls him a Renaissance man "romantic" whose only flaw is that he's a politician  Only in L.A...
  • Kids! Learn Code! Urge Two Entrepreneurs in Online Campaign with Big-Name Support
    Two Iranian immigrants Web moguls who made it big think Middle America school kids are being cheated out of great careers because schools aren't  teaching them Internet coding.  They've started Code.org with support from Internet luminaries including Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey to get schools and kids to pay attention to where the future is heading. 
  • ABC Adds Another NYT Reporter With Online Video Experience
    First it was Jeff Zeleny, now Susan Saulny, joining ABC from The New York Times. That's not so unusual all by itself, except that both reporters have significant on-air experience--from work on the paper's digital platforms. 
  • YouTube Bigfoots NASCAR, Reinstates Grisly Crash Footage Race Org. Took Down
    NASCAR used a YouTube tool to take down up-close footage of crash uploaded by a fan, but YouTube put the post back online.  
  • ABC Wants to Extend Its 'Watch' TV Everywhere Plan to Its Affiliates
    ABC met with affiliate leaders last month to detail how its 'Watch' plan would allow local stations to brand apps and sites with their own call letters, and stream ABC's schedule over devices.   
  • Filings Say NBC Paid $195M to Buy Back Half of MSNBC.com
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