• China Steps Up Online Video Regulation
    The Chinese government is intensifying efforts to regulate online video content, China Daily reports. In a memo, China's State Internet Information Office and the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television told video providers to closely examine the videos uploaded to their sites because they will be held responsible should any of the content be deemed harmful or inappropriate.
  • Google Video to Close By End of Summer
    Google Video, the online video service that predates Google's acquisition of YouTube, is finally going away as Google cleans house of several products and services that it no longer wants to support.
  • Rightster Studios to Finance Online Video Content
    UK-based online video platform provider Rightster on Tuesday announced Rightster Studios, the company's new financing arm for original online programming.
  • Is YouTube the Next Frontier for Marketing Games?
    YouTube videos are a surprisingly effective way of marketing online games, BitMob's Adam Carey reports. "A gaming-focused YouTube video with more than a million hits will unquestionably have an impact on sales of the featured title," he says.
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