• YouTube Will Track 'Store Visits' For Advertisers
    Google's store visits tracker already tracks consumers movements based on search ads. Now, merchants, advertisers and brands will see how YouTube videos translate into store visits. (Google says it has charted five billion store by people who used search, determining consumers who click on search ads are 25% more likely to go to a store.)
  • Twitter, BBC Plan Live Hook-Ups
    Twitter and the Beeb will work together on live videos and breaking news related the UK election, including debates and election night tallies. That's new.
  • Teenager Has YouTube Addiction, PBS Says
    Former straight-A student, member of choir, begins watching YouTube videos to stay current with her peers. Turns sullen, short-tempered, suicidal. Mom blames YouTube. But it could be just something else, says a psychology professor. (Possibly something about being 13 years old?)
  • Elton John Songs, Re-imagined For The First Time
    YouTube sponsored a competition soliciting its users to create videos for three Elton John songs that were made in that long ago time before music videos were common, or worse. The resulting renditions of "Tiny Dancer," "Benny and the Jets" and "Rocket Man" were judged Sir Elton and others. Pretty interesting, though the winners are not your average user generated content folks.  FYI, It's the 50th anniversary of the Bernie Taupin-Elton John songwriting partnership
  • Facebook Paying Up To $250K For Content
    Reuters says Facebook will pay content creators as much as $250,000 per show as it plans its roll out of original programming--short videos and others as much as a half hour long, this story says. BuzzFeed and Vox are among the suppliers, this report says
  • Thoughtful Facebook! Now It's 'Pinning' Videos On Laptops, Too
    Its "watch and scroll" feature, already available on smartphone apps, is now available on desktops, too. It pins active videos, letting users to continue to view/hear videos as they otherwise scroll.
  • New EU Rules To Require Netflix To Show 30% European Fare; Big Slaps At Hate Videos, Too
    The big news is that EU ministers agree that social media platforms where video forms an “essential” function would have to abide by same "hate" speech rules broadcasters have to live by.  That would force Facebook, Twitter and others to do more to stop hate videos. That gets the big headlines but EU also wants to require Netflix to assure that 30% of its fare be of European origin, and allows nations to levy taxes on Netflix. Both of those cold limit Netflix's worldwide expansion and revenues, or at the very least, make it certain U.S. audiences will see much more …
  • Google Adds 'Family Group' Feature
    Google is offering a “Family Group” feature to help loved one share pictures, calendars, and subscriptions. “A family group supports up to six people, with the person designated as the ‘manager’ being able to create/manage accounts for those under 13,” 9To5Google writes. “Services include Google Play Family Library, Play Music family plan, and YouTube TV.”
  • Ellen DeGeneres Gets A Netflix Special
    Talk star and comedian Ellen DeGeneres made a deal (announced in a funny way) to front for a Netflix stand-up special, the first since the one she did for HBO in 2000.  (That one was killer.) 
  • StyleHaul Brings In YouTube Star Tisdale
     Ashley Tisdale, a star of "High School Musical" and YouTube and social media veteran with over 40 million followers, has joined the StyleHaul stable. 
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