• Facebook Has NO Shortage Of Young Users
    new comScore report shows the percentage of 18- to 34-year-old Internet users who frequent each major social network each month and how much time they spend. And Facebook is almost off the chart. Nearly 100% use it, and for a little over 1,000 minutes per hour. Nobody else is even close. 
  • Synergy At Last: Disney XD Packaging Some Maker Videos
    Disney XD, the cable network aimed at boys, will take 18 videos from Disney-owned Maker Studios and make them available on the XD's digital platforms. When Disney bought Maker in 2014, it was figured there would be a lot of content crossover. That hasn't happened. The Maker content in this deal comes from EvanTubeHD, Random Encounters and Captain Sparklez. 
  • Spotify Raises $1B In Convertible Dept
    Spotify has reportedly raised $1 billion in convertible debt from investors. The deal “extends the money-losing company’s runway but comes with some strict guarantees,” The Wall Street Journal reports. More broadly, “Tech startups are increasingly turning to convertible debt -- bonds that can be exchanged for stock -- as investors push back on rich valuations.”
  • Fullscreen Readying Video Subscription Service
    Fullscreen plans to launch its direct-to-consumer subscription video service on April 26. “The subscription service, aimed at 13 to 30 year olds, will debut with 800 hours of content and charge $4.99 a month, about half the price of a Netflix subscription,” The Wall Street Journal reports. The Web video company is owned by Otter Media, a joint venture between AT&T and Chernin Group.
  • 'Today' Green Room Starts Live Telecast On Facebook
    The morning "Today" show today began a daily telecast from the iPhone-equipped green room booth via its Facebook page  The show also is launching an Instagram “Mini Room.” 
  • Next 'Cult Obsession'? Could Be Hulu's 'The Path'
    A great big kiss for "The Path" from this Website that recommends streamed content. The series follows Eddie Clearly (Aaron Paul), a formerly devout member of the "Meyerist Movement" who is now questioning his involvement while his wife is questioning  whether he's cheating on her. It starts with the first two episodes on Wednesday but otherwise isn't binge-able. 
  • Netflix Lets You Be As Bad As You Wanna Be
    Unknown to viewers, Netflix has been throttling data rates for mobile viewers for years, but it's doing so for their own good, it says.  Last week after the Wall Street Journal spilled those beans. Netflix responded by announcing  that beginning in May, it will  offer mobile viewers a "data saver" feature that lets them control their own data use. 
  • What Does FCC Want From Charter/TWC Merger?
    Don't mess with streamers, for one. The FCC seems agreeable to this huge merger as long as the new entity doesn't throttle nascent streaming companies.
  • Pandora Cofounder Tim Westergren Named New CEO
    As part of a bigger management makeover, Pandora just named cofounder Tim Westergren as its new CEO. “Pandora also announced Mike Herring as its new president and chief financial officer, Sara Clemens as chief operating officer, and Chris Phillips as chief product officer,” Venture Beat reports. “Westergren has served as chief strategy officer at Pandora in recent years.”
  • Yahoo Will Tone It Down For NewFronts
     Yahoo wlll stifle itself a little more this year at its May 4 NewFront. Instead of a big party, it will hold its event at its New York sales office, and it will be closed to the press.
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