• Katy Perry's New Video Gets A Little Trim After Muslim Complaint
    Katy Perry's new "Dark Horse" video, with 42.5 million views in a week or so, has been altered to obscure a pendant worn by a scorned suitor. The necklace had been called a "blasphemy"  against Allah in a petition from Change.org.
  • Netflix Mixing It Up With Popular Gadgets
    Exploring some unique gadget integrations, Netflix recently used Fitbit and its motion-tracking technology to tell whether movie watchers were falling asleep before the closing credits. As Engadget reports, the test was only part of the company’s Hack Day competition, so, as yet, there are no big partnerships in place. Another experiment, “Netflix Beam, uses Apple's Bluetooth-based iBeacon technology to share Netflix videos between iOS devices just by bumping them together.” 
  • BuzzFeed Compiles Listicle of How Much Media Companies Make Per Employee
    BuzzFeed's Peter Lauria counted heads and counted bucks and determined what 18 of the top tech/media companies earn based on that per-head calculation. Apple wins ($462 million per employee), followed by 21st Century Fox, Google, Facebook, Viacom.
  • Farmers Up In Arms Over 'Farmed And Dangerous'
    Some farmers think Hulu's new "Farmed and Dangerous" comedy series, produced by Chipotle with a not-at-all-subtle plot line about the dangers of industrial farming and agribusiness is unfair to modern farmers.
  • Facebook Touts AARP And American Legacy Foundation Campaigns, Aims At TV
    In a blog, Facebook touted two ad campaigns in an attempt to persuade advertisers that its massive membership base and ability to home in on specific audiences makes it a more effective platform than broadcast TV.  It revealed details about campaigns from AARP and the anti-smoling American Legacy Foundation to show how it can target specific age groups.
  • A Glimpse At Excellent Long-Form Online Ads From All Over The World
    Worldwide, brands are learning that the way to consumers' hearts is through stories, not blatant product promotion. Here are some of the best examples of branded video storytelling from countries around the globe, says Viral Gains content chief Hannah Brenzel. Some excellent examples herein,,,
  • 'Farmed and Dangerous' Wins Cannes Accolade
    Chipotle Mexican Grill has been named MIPTV's Brand of the Year in recognition of its Hulu original online series "Farmed and Dangerous" which only mentions the name of the restaurant once but comically reinforces Chipotle's sustainable/natural food outlook.    
  • Boom In Internet Also Means Another Place For Regular Old TV Commercials
    Old-school TV commercials comprise half of U.S. Web video traffic, says new data, and each piece of long-form Web video content now has nine ads attached to it.
  • Sony's PlayStation 4 Has Decided To Make Game Playing More Social
    The PlayStation 4 has introduced a number of ways for people to interact with each other even when they're playing on their own. For example, the system's controller features a new Share button. After a glorious victory or hilarious defeat, players can hit the button to upload a video of their accomplishment to the Internet. The video will upload to Facebook while you continue playing.
  • Now Disney Is Anywhere, Too
    Disney has launched Disney Movies Anywhere, that lets shoppers stream their purchased titles from any computer or stream or download them to an iOS device.
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