• YouTube Keeps Teens Coming Back
    Over time, what’s the secret to keeping kids engaged online? YouTube might have the answer. “Nearly 75% of U.S. teens say they use Google’s video site ‘frequently,’” Re/Code reports, citing new data from The Intelligence Group. By contrast, “Only 60% say the same about Facebook” -- a source of increasing concern for the company. What’s the secret? Partly, it’s about appearing not to care about being cool, Re/Code suggests. Whatever. 
  • Is Hulu's 'Farmed and Dangerous' Native Advertising for Chipotle's?
    This feels like the wrong kind of question to ask about what is ostensibly a comedy first and a branded asset second. Once upon a time, Kraft brought us "Television Theater" in 1947. The "soap" in "soap opera" comes from P&G, famous producer of serialized melodramas. When it comes to television, there's a well established model for brands as content producers; less so in digital, however, another reason a venture like Farmed and Dangerous raises eyebrows Brandon Carter is Marketing Manager at Outbrain. Before joining Outbrain, he was a Business Analyst and Licensing Coordinator for entertainment brands Peanuts and Sesame …
  • Universal McCann Exec Cohen Thinks IAB Will Put Spotlight On Viewablility This Year
    Speaking at the recent IAB Annual Leadership meeting, David Cohen, chief investment officer for media planning agency  Universal McCann said, “There’s a good bit of nefarious activity that’s going on out in the world in both display and video. It’s a pretty big problem, whether that’s fraud that’s perpetuated by robots or non-human activity or piracy or privacy concerns...We’re very, very vocal in the space to try to make it a clean, bright, well-lit environment for marketers and advertisers.”
  • Amazon Tiptoes Into Pre-Roll Advertising, Signaling A Threat to YouTube
    Before free-to-user preview showings of new series pilots, Amazon Prime placed pre-roll ads sponsored by Geico. That and other moves suggests Amazon is considering bigger moves into selling ads around content.
  • In Some Towns, Misery Loves (Advertising) Companies
    After Forbes named Rockford, Ill the third "Most Miserable Place to Live," a local ad agency created an online ad to let viewers see how miserable its citizens weren't.  
  • WWE Network Begins Online Tuesday
    The WWE Network launches Tuesday at 9AM, available on several devices including Playstation 3, Playstation 4, XBOX 360, Roku, most smartphones and more.
  • It's Hard to Get an Audience for Live Video, Print Newsies Are Discovering
    In the past five years, several papers dedicated major resources to live news programming online and discovered it's hard to do well, hard to find an audience and hard to find advertisers.   
  • Netflix, Comcast Make An Interconnect Arrangement
    Netflix makes a deal with Comcast to speed things up; it can consume up as much as one-third of all bandwidth traffic.
  • A New "Anti-Social" Video Is Going Viral
    The video, apparently from Coca-Cola, suggests an imposed time-out from staying connected using a method you'll recognize if you ever tried to stop your dog from biting at a hotspot
  • Same Old Same Old: How Online Ads Get Familiar Way Too Fast
    All that Olympics viewing online has a huge downside: Seeing the same commercials over and over again. NBC limited online advertising partners, and now viewers pay the price of seeing mostly melodramatic commercials very, very (very) often.
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