• The Current Buzz: Check Out How Photoshop Rearrranges A Model's Body
    This video, from Global Democracy, has been getting a lot of attention lately. It is an argument for disclosure about how photos are manipulated.
  • Google Chromecast Now Offers Pandora
    The inexpensive, easy-to-use Chromecast dongle adds the music service to other possible hook-ups, like Netflix, YouTube and Hulu.
  • iPad Share of Market Falls Below 30%f
    New products will probably stop the slippage, but for the first time, Apple's iPads make up less than 30% of the tablet market. Samsung zooms. Intro of iPad Air Friday and Retina later should change those stats.
  • As Online Video Popularity Grows, So Do Some Newer, Lesser-Known Services
    Netflix, Hulu and Amazon get most of the headlines, but other online video services see the growth of the sector as an opportunity to grab some viewers too
  • Zombies Are Created, Not Unborn: YouTube Space L.A. Holds a Scream Lab for Videomakers
    Zombies invaded YouTube Space L.A. during its  first-ever designated Scream Lab, a month-long program offered by YouTube’s Next Lab to give creators help producing scary videos.
  • Magisto Video Uses Artificial Intelligence to Edit Clips, Get $13 Million Infusion
    An Israeli startup called Magisto makes it easielcr to edit and share home videos. The service uses artificial intelligence to pick the best bits of video, stitch them together, and set them to music. The company calls it “video storytelling,” and it claims some 13 million customers. It just landed a new $13 million from Qualcomm Ventures and SanDisk Ventures. 
  • SpringBoard Video Sells 3-D-Like Effects to Advertisers
    SpringBoard Video, in suburban LA, launched a service that adds 3-D-like effects to online videos. Springboard is the video production division of Evolve Media, which started offering it to some clients last week.
  • British Analyst Warns ITV May Be Ill-Prepared for U.K. Online Ad Surge Ahead
    Despite various management reshuffles over the last few years aimed at boosting its digital business, ITV's online video business lags behind Channel 4 and the BBC.
  • Netflix Makes Deal with Showtime for 'Dexter'
    Netflix obtained the rights to Showtime's "Dexter." The first four seasons are available starting Thursday. The final four seasons unspool starting Jan. 1.
  • Interactivity Is Great For Advertising, When It's Done Right
    There are problems with measurement, for sure, but interactive advertising is a big plus for online advertisers, if they don't just tack on interactive elements without much thought.    
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