• New Pew Study Adds More Numbers About How Users Make/Share Videos, Photos
    More internet users are using photos and videos as a social currency: 54% of internet users have posted original photos or videos to websites and 47% share photos or videos they found elsewhere online, says a new Pew study
  • Video of What Rolling Stone Calls Lou Reed's 20 Essential Tracks
    Rolling Stone.com compiled a smart tribute to Lou Reed, who died Sunday afternoon, including videos of 20 essential recordings. The BBC "Perfect Day"  video from 1997, coolest TV promo ever, is included.
  • Mike Hopkins Carries Hulu's Future on His Shoulders
    A little melodramatic for our tastes, but this Mashable op-ed pleads for new Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins to revive the great promise the author says has been squandered recently.
  • In Europe, SpotXChange Says One-Third of Video Buys Will Be Programmatic by 2017; Now Only 4.6% Are
    The European programmatic video market will grow an average 77.1% a year from 2012 to 2017, reaching €626.5 million across Europe’s ‘Big Five’ markets, says research from SpotXchange. The survey says only 4.6% of European online video advertising revenue is now generated programmatically. By 2017, one-third will.
  • Vine Makes Two Small But Important Tweaks
    Two tweaks from Vine could make it more attractive for makers. As of yesterday, you’re able to save videos in progress, and return to them later. Also, you can edit clips by shuffling around the order in which you shot them.
  • NBC News Chief Schiller Will Head Journalism Partnerships for Twitter
    Twitter appointed Vivian Schiller to a newly created position, head of news and journalism partnerships; she has a perfect qualification. She's worked for some of Twitter's most prominent partners.
  • Do Advertisers Really Know Where Their Ads are Running?
    Major brands' ads ran as pre-roll before online viewers saw a gory story--perhaps not true--about Mexican woman who was allegedly beheaded by an angry lover. Many advertisers don't know where their ads go when they deal wth third-party ad buyers, Business Insider says.
  • Analysts Are Not of One Mind About Which New Direction Hulu's New CEO Should Take
    Will new CEO invest in originals like Netflix, or serve networks' broader TV Everywhere goals? 
  • YouTube Letting More Channels Charge for Content
    YouTube's blog disclosed that is now allowing existing channels to charge viewers for content, with some restrictions. Previously, YouTube only allowed a handful of creators to do that. One big caveat: Only existing channels are eligible. 
  • Hulu Will Offer Free Clips on Mobile Devices
    Hulu said it will offer free short-clip videos to your mobile browser – available to watch without a Hulu Plus subscription and without signing in to anything.
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