• Netflix Looks for Big Growth in International Markets
    Netflix CEO Reed Hastings says the movie service has 40 million subscribers, about 10 million of whom are in Europe. Later, he said  he’d expect Netflix to generate between 70% and 80% of its revenue in international markets in the future.
  • New Survey Says Brands Increased Online Video of Average 65% in 2013
    A survey from Adap.tv and a trade publication in its  “State of the Video Industry” report  claims brands reported an average 65% increase in online video ad spending this year over last, with agencies upping their expenditures by 83%. They also report about  9 in 10 brand and agency respondents plan to increase video ad spending in 2014, most likely taking the money away from TV.
  • Facebook Tries to Head off Decapitation Video Controversy
    Facebook said it was working on new ways to keep users from stumbling across gruesome content on its Website following an outcry over the discovery of beheading videos there.  Facebook Inc. issued a statement clarifying that violent videos were only allowed if they were presented as news or held up as atrocities to be condemned.
  • A First Impression of Apple's Next Gen iPad
    Thinner, lighter, and with a more powerful processor, the 9.7-inch iPad Air with Retina Display brings some design and performance enhancements to the best-selling tablet, but not as many additions as we had hoped for, or as rumors suggested, says a CNET early analysis.
  • Thumbnail Glimpse of the New iPads Introduced in San Francisco
    It was a jam-packed event for Apple in San Francisco on Tuesday, with the company introducing two new iPads, two new Macs and announcing even more. Here's a recap of all the announcements.
  • Adap.tv's Low CPM Takes the Rosy Hue Off AOL's comScore Triumph
    According to recent data from ComScore, AOL sites served the most video ads in September with 3.7 billion, surpassing Google, and the extra bump came from AOL's recent acquisition of Adap.tv  But many of the ad sold on AOL's Adap.tv fetch rock-bottom prices, according to SQAD.
  • Canada's Version of the FCC Plans an Online Chat with Public About the Future of Content
    The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission has produced an infographic  video — featuring the kind of design that is synonymous with government pamphlets — to help promote a public consultation process about the future of television that will start on Oct. 24. No doubt, the degree to which online services based outside of Canada have impacted more traditional broadcast offerings will be a big part of the debate.
  • Facebook OK with Decapitation Video; Outrages British Prime Minister
    Reversing itself, Facebook decides it's okay to post video of a decapitation. British PM David Cameron outraged.
  • Amazon's Play on Words: Its New 'Beta' Series is a Test of its Online Content
    Amazon is spending between $10 million to $50 million on “Betas” and other shows like it to joins Netflix and Hulu in continuing to develope original online programs ,
  • Cable Ad Spending Is Up; Less Clear About What's Happening on Their Websites
    Cable secured $10.2 billion in upfront sales, up, but not as dramatically as in years past. Cable networks were asked by its advertising trade group to also report their online commitments, but the answers there were blurry.  
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