• Apple Hires YouTube Exec To Get Video Going
    Apple hired former YouTube and Spotify executive Shiva Rajaraman to help out its news-less video and music efforts and lead some other creative efforts. In the past, he's helped make licensing deals with big creators. The Information Website originally reported the story. 
  • Comcast Bows Prepaid Web Service
    Comcast is finally offering its prepaid Web service to Xfinity customers. “The package allows consumers to pay for internet service on a pay-as-you-go basis, with refills ranging from seven to 30 days,” The Verge reports. “Comcast is partnering with Boost Mobile to sell the $80 prepaid internet starter kits, which come with a wireless DOCSIS 3.0 gateway and 30 days of service.”
  • BBC Added To NewFronts Schedule
    BBC.com plans to tell NewFronts advertiser attendees that it's a great antidote to fake news
  • Pro-Trump Group Plans Digital, TV Ad Blitz
    Making America Great will spend $1 million on TV ads and $300,000 on digital spots targeting viewers in 10 pro-Trump states where a Democratic Senator is up for re-election in 2018. They'll be trying to emphasize the president's achievements.
  • BuzzFeed, Fullscreen Will Skip NewFronts
    BuzzFeed and Fullscreen, two staples at NewFronts whose presentations seem to have been well-attended, are opting out this year. Both said they will pursue deeper one-on-one conversations with clients. Yahoo earlier dropped out of the May NewFronts schedule. But new GenZ video site Astronauts Wanted will be there.
  • Playing Tetris Could Clear Your Mind
    A study says playing Tetris may alter the brain in a way that the player won't be able to retain memories of traumatic events, lessening depression and grief. Playing might also reduce craving for addictive things, except, perhaps, Tetris itself.  The findings are based on a small but significant study.
  • Hulu Pairs Up With Telemundo, Sony Pictures Television
    Hulu just reached multi-year distribution deals with Telemundo and Sony Pictures Television, Variety reports. “In its first deal with NBCUniversal-owned Telemundo, Hulu will add five popular Spanish-language series from the network to its library,” the trade writes. “Under its deal with Sony Pictures Television, Hulu has acquired the streaming rights to a selection of telenovelas and teleseries.”
  • Hola Hulu! Telemundo Telenovelas Going There
    Five Telemundo telenovelas are now available on Hulu, or will be shortly. It made a deal with Telemundo and Sony which also includes rights to nine Pedro Almodóvar films.
  • AMC Eyes Ad-Free Pay App, Reuters Says
    Yes, it would be ad free but you have to be a cable or satellite subscriber, so from here, the allure seems minimal. This would be a "deal" to make cable/satellite operators happy.
  • Twitter, Amazon, Facebook Want To Play In The NFL
    Those are the competitors for a new NFL digital package. Twitter's had it and Facebook wants it. And Amazon might want to offer it on Amazon Prime Video, but as a free offering. (The NFL doesn't prefer pay walls, except their own.)
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